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giusepe's Avatar giusepe 11:13 AM 10-20-2012
hi i want to buy the new sony 42ex440 TV. I want to use mainly to play with my xbox360. I wonder if there is any review of this model to determine the lag when playing my xbox and image quality.


Here I leave tv technical specifications:

Sony KDL-42EX440 Specifications

Backlight Type LED
Display Device LCD
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Display Resolution Full HD
Dynamic Contrast Ratio Infinite
Screen Size 42" (106.7cm)
Viewing Angle Right/Left: 88/88
Touch Sensor Yes
5.1 Channel Audio Out Yes
5.1ch Through Out (Handycam) Yes
Alternate Audio (Digital) Yes
Audio: Audio Out Yes
Bass Booster Yes
Dolby DolbyDigital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital Pulse
Invisible Speaker Yes
Sound Mode Dynamic
SteadySound Automatic Volume Control Yes
Stereo System MTS(AUTO SAP)
Surround Effect Cinema
Backlight Off Mode Yes
Dynamic Backlight Control Yes
Energy Star compliant Yes
Power Consumption for Energy Star On Mode: 61.3W
Standby Mode: 0.13W
LightSensor Technology Yes
Video Signal 1080/24p (HDMI only)
Closed Captions Digital
Demo Mode Yes
Hotel Mode Menu Yes
Start Up Sony Logo Display Yes
24p True Cinema Technology Yes
3D Comb Filter Yes
4:3 Default Yes
Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) Yes
Auto Wide Yes
CineMotion Reverse 3:2 Pulldown Tech Yes
Clear Resolution Enhancer Yes
Digital Noise Reduction Yes
LED Motion Mode Yes
Live Color Technology Yes
MPEG Noise Reduction Yes
Motionflow Technology Motionflow XR120
Picture Mode Vivid
Wide Mode Full
Auto Shut-off Yes
Channel Block (with password) Analog & Digital
Channel Jump Yes
Channel Surf Yes
Edit Channel Labels Yes
Favorites (Simple UI) Yes
Info Banner Yes
Input Skip Yes
Label Inputs Yes
Multiple Language Display English/Spanish/French
On-Screen Display for External Input Yes
On/Off Timer Yes
Parental Control Yes
Scene Select Yes
Show/Hide Channels Yes
Sleep Timer Yes
Twin Picture PIP
USB Play Yes
AC Power Input 1 (Rear)
Analog Audio Input(s) Total: 1 (Rear)
Analog Audio Input(s) for HDMI 1 (Rear Hybrid w/PC)
Audio Out 1 (Rear)
Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input(s) 1 (Rear Hybrid w/Composite)
Composite Video Input(s) 1 (Rear Hybrid w/Component)
Digital Audio Output(s) 1 (Rear)
HDMI Connection(s) Total: 2(1Rear, 1Side)
HDMI PC Input Yes
PC In (D-Sub) + Audio In Stereo Mini: 1 (Rear Hybrid w/HDMI)
PC Input Format Support 640x480@60Hz
RF Connection Input(s) 1 (Rear)
USB 2.0 1 (Side)

wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 12:32 AM 10-26-2012
I just picked up this set today. I'll report back this weekend with my results.
kevin21's Avatar kevin21 03:09 PM 10-27-2012
let me know if this tv has input lag please. in game mode and how the picture quality is. i am going to buy this as well.
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 10:42 AM 11-04-2012
Originally Posted by wsfanatic View Post

I just picked up this set today. I'll report back this weekend with my results.

I'd love to hear your impressions as well. I'm trying to gather as much info on 42" TVs as possible, since that's looking like the size I keep coming back to.
Dr.Shankenstein's Avatar Dr.Shankenstein 11:43 AM 11-04-2012
Originally Posted by wsfanatic View Post

I just picked up this set today. I'll report back this weekend with my results.
Have you had a chance to put it through it's paces? How is uniformity (bleed/flashlighting)? How is lag and motion performance, any overdrive trailing?
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 07:35 AM 11-05-2012
This TV is $498 shipped on Newegg. Not saying it is a great deal, but I wish I knew anything about this TV. My gut tells me that maybe it's a neglected TV or something? Or is it really new? Either way it sounds weird to me that Sony would have a 42 inch TV next to their 40". Usually these companies will have either 40 or 42 I've found, not both.
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 07:30 AM 11-12-2012
Been busy but here's my impressions so far. I don't game on this TV so I can't comment on input lag. I do, however, watch Blu-rays and Netflix and have been very impressed. The colors are pretty accurate. I've calibrated it using a calibration DVD as best I could. Not quite as good as my Pioneer plasma (which was professionally calibrated) but just as good, if not better, than my Samsung LCD (2010 model). I was a little worried about clouding as this is an edge lit TV but my backlighting is very uniform. The contrast is acceptable too. I have a Comcast HD box and a Panasonic Blu-ray connected as well as a computer occasionally. My only real complaint is only 2 HDMI. This issue is more of any industry wide complaint than anything as models from as little as a year ago usually include at least 3 HDMI inputs and occasionally a VGA. The VGA was a must for me and this TV had it at and affordable price. I paid a little over $500 for mine thanks to the fact my business buys a lot of TVs from the company I bought mine from. Hope this helps. It's a good TV.
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 07:31 AM 11-12-2012
Pogue, the 2011 model was a 40" (KDL-40BX450?). The new model is a 42".
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 07:34 AM 11-12-2012
If I can find my only video game, I will connect my PS3 and report back on input lag.

Kevin, I usually don't use any type of game mode as it usually mucks up the picture more than anything but I'll try it on this set.
kevin21's Avatar kevin21 11:18 AM 11-12-2012
okay thanks bud! and you could adjust the picture in game mode to make it look good
kevin21's Avatar kevin21 11:19 AM 11-12-2012
i believe it has no lag. someone said it doesnt and sony has this tv listed under best for gaming. but ill need your take on it.
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 08:13 PM 11-12-2012
Just got back from a trip. Will try tomorrow and report back.
torncanvas's Avatar torncanvas 06:23 PM 11-13-2012
I have my eye on this model. Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say smile.gif
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 07:52 AM 11-14-2012
Input lag on this TV is pretty much nonexistent. It was barely noticeable once in almost and hour of gameplay. Kevin, game mode doesn't appear to do much to improve performance, it does overly sharpen the picture which causes some artifacting. It doesn't completely destroy the picture like Samsung's game mode did a couple years ago, which is a good thing. Personally, I preferred playing in a calibrated mode rather than game mode.
Maverickaim9's Avatar Maverickaim9 06:51 PM 11-14-2012
Thanks Wsfanatic. Now that you have the TV for a while, what are your comments on Uniformity? I know you said that it was pretty uniform but have you noticed, Flashlighting, clouding recently when viewing in dark room environment? Thanks in advance for your response as I am interested in buying this TV.
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 07:27 PM 11-14-2012
Maverick, I'm very pleased with the uniformity on my set. I did notice the local BBY finally put up a display and it had some minor clouding in the bottom right corner. Flashlighting is non-existent. As this is a bedroom set, it is almost exclusively used in a dark room environment. I've been surprised by it's performance to be quite honest. My main set is a 60" KURO and while it's not quite the picture quality, it's still quite impressive.

I've attached a couple photos of the set. Their taken with my cell phone camera so the quality could probably be better.

Maverickaim9's Avatar Maverickaim9 08:41 PM 11-14-2012
Thanks a million, man, I hope this helps more people that have an interest as well.
patipai's Avatar patipai 09:32 PM 11-14-2012
Hi guys i just bought this set from sams club. Spent a little over 500, nice solid tv. I will mostly use it as a comp monitor and ps3 gaming. Did some gaming today for a good hr or two no real lag like stated above. Good all around tv.
EscapeVelocity's Avatar EscapeVelocity 09:57 PM 11-14-2012
Ill start recommending this set more to the noobs on the help me thread.
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 11:43 PM 11-14-2012
Thanks fanatic. This is a good option as the next couple weeks go by.
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 09:47 AM 11-15-2012
Sorry for the double post but I thought I'd bump if anyone was interested - this TV is $499 on Newegg right now with free shipping. I almost caved on it but I'm going to wait on a better deal. The one thing I was interested in was the KDL-42EX440's 24p mode. The TV I'm looking at on BF does not have a 24p mode, and I'm wondering if that will make a difference.
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 11:15 AM 11-15-2012
If a TV does 3:2 pulldown correctly, the lack of a 24p mode is not a big deal. Unfortunately, some TVs do not do 3:2 well. The KDL-42EX440 does 24p "natively"by displaying each frame 5x since it's 120Hz 60Hz. Keep in mind that 24p content is almost exclusive to Blu-ray. It also requires a Blu-ray player that will output 24p (might be more common now--haven't bought a Blu-ray player in a little over a year).
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 11:28 AM 11-15-2012
Thanks for the input! TheTV I'm looking at, the Toshiba 50L2200U does not have a 24p mode, but Television Info said that motion was one of its strongpoints, and its sister TV (40L2200U) apparently works well as a PC monitor, so I'm kind of taking that to mean that motion in general isn't a problem.

If I can't get that TV on Black Friday, then I think this Bravia is my first runner up. It's on Newegg for $499 right now, but I'm going to have keep an eye on things over the next couple weeks. I'd hate to waste $200 if I can somehow get that 50".
kevin21's Avatar kevin21 02:09 PM 11-15-2012
so this tv has NO lag? i play first person shooters so its important.
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 02:30 PM 11-15-2012
^From what I've read, lag shouldn't really be a problem. All of these TVs have lag, but this model doesn't seem to have anything really noticeable.

I wish I could get my hands on one to see how it deals with lag on 480p gaming (retro games on Virtual Console, that kind of stuff) because a lot of those games require pretty quick reflexes. I have games like Mega Man 9 and 10 on my current TV that are basically unplayable.
kevin21's Avatar kevin21 03:01 PM 11-15-2012
i agree. i really dont want any lag at all and it seems like everyone is saying it doesnt have any. but just to make sure please confirm. this might be the only model that doesnt lol
EscapeVelocity's Avatar EscapeVelocity 05:28 PM 11-15-2012
I spied this with my trusty loupe today. Im not exactly sure of the manufacturer, but this panel type is what is in most of the 50" sets, even the Samsung 50"er. Most of these 50" sets are of the cheaper brand variety. Philips is using them, of note.

I thought maybe the Sony 42EX440 was using an AU Optronics MVA3 panel, which is a lot like Samsung's penultimate S-PVA panel but it's not. It's not an S-IPS either.
PogueSquadron's Avatar PogueSquadron 11:45 PM 11-15-2012
Is that necessarily a good or bad thing?
Dfects's Avatar Dfects 07:45 AM 11-16-2012
Hiya guys smile.gif I've been keeping an eye on this thread as I'm tempted by this model myself. I was wondering if I could trouble one of you to take a photo with a nice black image on the screen with the lights low? I know it was mentioned that the uniformity of the back light is good, but I'd like to see myself if thats not too cheeky smile.gif
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 10:17 AM 11-16-2012
Out of town til Sunday for a friend's bachelor party. I can take a pic when I get back in town.
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