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vettelt193's Avatar vettelt193 10:35 AM 10-22-2012
I've searched quite a bit about this and I *think* I have a different issue than most.

First off, my TV is perfectly in sync when it is the video and audio source.

What happens is when watching DirecTV with Surround on the sound has a delay. My DirecTV box is hooked to my receiver directly with a digital connection, The TV is hooked directly with HDMI. I have read that I could 'fix' this by running the optical out from the TV to the receiver instead of directly. I'm fine with this IF I don't lose surround. Does anyone know if the Sharp 70 series output 5.1 if the input is HDMI?

Note that the Sharp TV replaced a 58" Panasonic Plasma that was hooked up identically with the same DirecTV box and receiver and had no issues. It's like this new Sharp has more processing power and is simply faster than the old set. (Actually... I have had this same equipment with a few TV's with no issues until this one)

Any help is appreciated. I was hoping to find a delay in the Sharp set to slow it down a bit but haven't found anything to date.

johnfull's Avatar johnfull 02:10 PM 10-22-2012
Maybe the change should be made in the box rather than in the TV. Different inputs will have different needs and each of those should have an audio delay adjustment...
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