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jo1985's Avatar jo1985 11:40 AM 10-26-2012
(my english is really bad because my first lang is french.

Hi,i need help,because i have a problem with my 47LK520 but i have a on warranty on tv.
I calling the owner store where i buy my tv and give me a 47CS570 in exchange.

But i don't know if this deal is good or not,so i need your opinion.

Thank you.(i searched in google but i dont find any information on 47cs570

jo1985's Avatar jo1985 03:53 PM 10-26-2012
thx for your answer but i already have the tv in hand.
jo1985's Avatar jo1985 04:12 PM 10-26-2012
****,i already have a problem with this one.!

I send my video on youtube look that,on the right and left corner i have a ( un jeu entre le screen et le cadrage)

It's normal or not????

jo1985's Avatar jo1985 05:24 PM 10-27-2012
Hey,why you don't answer to my quesiton?
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