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11-09-2012 | Posts: 1,332
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Looks like they will show larger sizes or 4K OLED. Either way, probably more of a tech demo than a product that will actually be produced in any meaningful numbers.
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11-12-2012 | Posts: 145
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All i want is a 90 plus inch tv with full local diming, global dimming, full array what ever the tv manufacture wants to call it biggrin.gif looks like CES will be lots of fun
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11-13-2012 | Posts: 1,332
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I use to feel the same way, but with the new 2nd gen IGZO panels, I am not so sure the FA and LD will be as necessary. They are thinner and do not require as much back-lighting as conventional LCD. The MothEye screens on the new Sharps is also said to increase contrast. Don't know if they are IPS panels as well, but that would be a bonus. A lot of people keep dreaming of OLED, but LCD tech continues to get better and better. Seems like a lot of change in the display market is on the way.
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