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jkgourmet's Avatar jkgourmet 03:12 PM 11-18-2012
I'm getting a headache from all of this stuff - please help?

We need a new TV for our new house, which will be connected to satellite (Time Warner sucks). The TV will be connected to some kind of small version home theater system, but no Wii, games, etc. Maybe a Blu-Ray player. We have wireless and would like to be able to easily stream movies and music to the TV. This is pretty much our only TV, and we don't care for how the 3D looks, so it's not a biggie to us (we're seniors, so be kind.)

We love the picture on the Samsungs, and were ready to buy the UN55E6100 55" for $1097 at Amazon. But now I've read a bunch of reviews complaining about the Smart TV stuff being really poor. (and the remote, but since we'll be using the one from the satellite company, I'm thinking that's a non-issue).

I also wonder if the 120 mhz versus the 240 mhz really makes that big a difference?

Help me out, please? or suggest another alternative that you think has the same quality picture?

TerrenceQ's Avatar TerrenceQ 07:49 AM 11-25-2012
alternatively you may also consider Sony KDL55EX640. you may find side by side comparison for UN55ES6100 and KDL55EX640 here,
EAnglum's Avatar EAnglum 08:07 AM 11-25-2012
If you like the Samsung ES line, get yourself a ES7100 or higher. The ES7100 and higher has a dual core processor which speeds up the smart apps quite a bit.

You should be able to find one within your budget - especially with the recent sales.
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