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brycenesbitt's Avatar brycenesbitt 12:57 AM 11-23-2012
Where can I go for an LED/LCD monitor with multiple HDMI inputs?

I have no use for an ATSC tuner (I've got a TiVo for that). No use for speakers (external audio system for that). No use for a smart TV (Roku for that).
In short I don't really want the complexity of an "HTDV", but I need a bunch of HDMI inputs (and maybe composite for the legacy VCR). I'd like just a 24" class monitor with, say, 5 HDMI inputs.

Why are 'monitors' sold with so few inputs?

Karyk's Avatar Karyk 08:29 AM 11-23-2012
I'm in the same boat as you, but if you wanted to buy a large monitor it would cost you a fortune, because they would sell so few of them. So you're best off just looking for a TV that has few features. They still make "dumb" 2D TVs and a tuner isn't that expensive.
brycenesbitt's Avatar brycenesbitt 01:22 PM 12-27-2013
I'm realizing that now (a few years later) 32" HDMI monitors are readily available... but the issue is that for ease of use I'd want audio input switching, and that's not so easy to figure out.
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