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Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 10:32 PM 11-23-2012
Happy Holidays y'all!
recently got a new pretty beastly PC for gaming and would like to compliment it w/ a new HDTV. it would be used for a bit of everything. tv, movies, but especially gaming. have a Sony 55A3000 that i still love. just got a new bulb and need to clean the mirror inside, but it still has a great pic quality. games and such look great on it but the wife kinda wants it in the bedroom lol. we haven't looked much at new tvs but noticed that prices have come down a lot, and back when i got the Sony (2007-08) it had a better pic than most LCD or plasmas, but maybe not anymore. from what little looking i've done i saw a couple that had clearer picture quality than my Sony. wrote the models down but lost 'em heh. i think one was a Panasonic Viera and one maybe a Sony Bravia. so was hoping we could get some advice from you knowledgeable folks. i researched for weeks for the new PC and it was very frustrating and i don't have much time right now to research so any advice welcome!

i don't know much about the pros & cons of LED LCD or plasma. i remember there were things like screen door effect, burn in ect but never knew much about them. TV would need to be about 55". could go bigger but would have to restructure the entire room so it would have to be a really great tv. budget...well cheaper's better but i'd go pretty high for a great tv. was hoping to keep it around $1000-1500, but might go upwards of $3000 if we're talkin phenomenal. the PC would be hooked up to it so i don't think i'd need fancy wifi stuff. 3D i'm not sure about. i still am not sure it's here to stay. i still occasionally get headaches from 3d movies at the theater, and i don't much like the loss of color and clarity w/ the 3d i've seen, even at the theaters. i thought projectionists were sopposed to keep the brightness up but sometimes do not. . the idea of 3d gaming used to really appeal to me but the little i've done (Batman Arkham, Enslaved) didn't blow me away. sure the depth was nice but not at the cost of color vibrancy and sharpness. oh and the TV would be in a room w/ variable light conditions. mostly dark but sometimes lights in evenings, open widow blinds ect. so matte might be nice.

that's about all the details i can think of. any advice appreciated! thanks much folks and Happy Holidays!

Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 02:04 PM 11-24-2012
oh, and the 55a3000 i have has a refresh rate of, i think, 60hz. i usually get no screen tearing (which i HATE) when gaming on it. not sure what the newer TVs w/ higher refresh rates would do for screen tearing when gaming.
Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 02:28 PM 11-25-2012
PflanzZone's Avatar PflanzZone 02:49 PM 11-25-2012
Happy holidays to you to, Now I have a few of suggestions for you.

1: HD CRT Television.

Pros: If you can get a hold of a HD CRT TV CRT TV's have absolutely no picture lag and are technically speaking optimal for gaming. Also you will have no issue with any burn in from your desktop. Not too hard to find free from people who want to get rid of them. Long Life Span.

Cons: Outdated, Probably no HDMI, Large in Size, May need to adjust convergence to align picture properly which can take a while.

2: DLP Rear Projecton.

Pros: Refresh rate is measured in Nanoseconds instead of milliseconds meaning virtually no picture lag, no burn in, relatively cheap, try to stick with a higher end Mitsubishi for optimum picture quality.

Cons: Large in size, Becoming outdated as far as a set top television, usually only available in sizes 73" and above, not much brand choice. Have to replace bulb every few years.


When you get to the flat panels this is kind of tricky because they are measured in milliseconds instead of nanoseconds for refresh rates and this is crucial. Your cheap LED's like Vizio and Insignia and all that chinese junk will have refresh rates from 120hz-480hz which truthfully is just unacceeptable for good gaming. Try and stick with a higher end LED TV That has 960hz Like the 8000 series samsungs or the XBRhx950 from sony which is a beautiful television. The problem with these sets is you will be spending a minimum of 2500-3000 dollars.

4: Plasma TV
Plasmas can be a good option because they offer the best picture quality out of a flat panel, have a 600hz refresh rate which is acceptable for gaming, and are by far the cheapest. Burn in can be an issue with a desktop with a lower end plasma but most GOOD plasma TV's now a days you will not have an issue with burn in.

5: DLP Front Projector
Refer to the information for the DLP Tv's. Same information except larger viewing area is required.

I have listed these in order of what is technically best for gaming on a large screen. Not taking price, picture quality ect. as a factor. Purely Gaming optimization.
Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 06:58 PM 11-26-2012
hey thank you PF! great info there. i think my Sony 55a3000 is considered a DLP Rear so got that already. does i great job too. just got a new bulb and cleaned the mirror. wouldn't even be looking but i spotted a couple tvs at Sams that had an even better pic than my sony. just wish i'd not lost the model numbers lol. from the your descriptions the LCDs sound nice but pricey. plasma sounds best bang for the buck. would you happen to have any model numbers of plasmas you think are top notch? someone told me to check out the 2012 LGs. 8600 and 9600.

any recommended models from you folks would be appreciated! thanks
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 04:51 PM 11-27-2012
Mookeylama, your 55A3000 is a SXRD based rear projection set. They must have fixed the greening problem by the time your generation SXRD was released. I have a friend that had a 55A2000 and they ended up getting a KDL55EX640 from Sony (via Sony Support) for quite a deal because their set was failing. This doesn't seem to be the case with your set, but they are very happy with their new Sony LCD.
Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 05:05 PM 11-28-2012
actually the "Green blob" optical problem was still very prevalent when i got my a3000. there's a huuuge thread in the rear projection forum about it. but yep, i've been very lucky. no optical problems for me. but lotsa people got replacement opticals, new tvs, or great deals on other tvs because of it.

so what plasmas are people liking out there right now?
wsfanatic's Avatar wsfanatic 06:14 PM 11-28-2012
Glad you've been lucky. I love my KURO but it's no longer available. From what I've heard, the current Panasonic's are pretty good. You might try asking that in the plasma forum for a better response.
Mookeylama's Avatar Mookeylama 04:22 PM 11-29-2012
thanks^! yeah i woulda asked there but figured i'd go LCD. but plasma does sound nice now lol.
and yeah those KUROS were the best. was gonna get one when i heard of the closeout prices on those a3000. like 1/4 the price. couldn't pass it up.
PflanzZone's Avatar PflanzZone 09:54 AM 11-30-2012
From our experience we can not suggest the new LG's. Over the past few years LG has seem to take a dip in quality as we have taken a lot of them in for service and we stopped selling them.

We can however suggest a Panasonic plasma (honestly we do not even sell them) because the fact is, panasonic has Pioneer's plasma technology which was considered the best.

Samsung makes a good plasma but the higher end models can be a little pricey.

I would suggest a higher end samsung or pretty much any panasonic besides the entry level.
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