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11-27-2012 | Posts: 1
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I purchase a LG#42LK450 42" flat screen LCD about 11 months ago and I am now having a problem with the TV turning off by itself
Heres what happens, when I power on theTV the picture is perfact and within five minutes the picture starts to fade and flicker and then it turns off. I have tried to do a hard reset; however that dosnt solve my problem.
Could someone tell me what is causing the TV to malfunction.
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11-27-2012 | Posts: 36
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Well, if you bought it 11 months ago, I'd be calling LG without hesitation. One year warranty on those if I'm not mistaken.
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Rush! Call a repairman without delay before the warranty runs out. Better yet, schedule service on-line and print it out so you have a record of it. You did save your receipt, right????
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