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jyeh74's Avatar jyeh74 01:40 AM 12-05-2012

Does this mean you have to have all 3 items in order to stream wirelessly, the laptop the TV?

1) laptop needs Intel Widi built-in
2) TV has to have built-in Wifi
3) need 3rd party adapter like the Netgear Push2TV

Gregck's Avatar Gregck 01:47 AM 12-05-2012;pgid=c7twGfjc0ptSRpIq7ZUcoGXQ00006n2wJSCz;sid=xAxATFHLmiFGRAF4I4Qc2IjE8BCFGWXXAVkRos3XztfN55e6STkXgKGk?HP-Wireless-TV-Connect-Kit
this product already offers a solution for this scenario. There are others like it, too.

As far as WIDI, i know your laptop needs to have WIDI, and AFAIK, most modern (2012+) intel-based laptops offer WIDI (you can tell by typing in "WIDI" in your run bar and something should pop up if you have it). And for the TV, i believe you can just use an adapter box; theres a list of compatible adapter boxes on this website:

edit: and to clarify, i do not believe your TV needs to be wireless or even be internet enabled for WIDI to work, since the signal goes straight from your PC to the adapter box, which hooks up to your TV via HDMI and only sends a video signal.
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