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12-13-2012 | Posts: 93
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Sony Grand WEGA KDF-42WE655 42-Inch LCD Projection Television with Integrated HDTV Tuner
I have the above and just upgraded to a larger plasma 1080p. The sony is too good of a tv to let sit around, at least in my opinon, so i'll try to sell it but don't know how to determine it's value. With the cost of new thin sets coming down, this one can't be worth a lot, perhaps more to me than the market will bear but thought i'd ck here to see what you thought.
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My honest opinion is that it's probably not worth anything. You can get a brand new 42" LCD shipped to your door for $300 from Wal-mart. I'd give it to a friend that I know would enjoy it.

However, a quick and dirty way to determine value is to search the ebay "completed listings" for your make and model. However, most items on ebay are sold and shipped which can greatly affect price (e.g. it costs a lot to ship a large item). I see your model on there for $50. I see on "completed" auction for $150, but after listing fees and shipping, that person probably didn't walk away with more than $50-60.

Another way is to search craigslist. Be advised though, that a lot of people on CL don't often buy/trade/sell electronics equipment, so they really have no idea of the "value" of something.
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I've had to deal with replacing 50'' crt rptv and a 73'' one. I gave the 50'' a friend who came and picked it up. I donated the other to the salvation army and took the deduction.

Craigslist is the only place you'll get value, it won't be much and it'll be a hassle.

Best and good luck,
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Interesting, i didn't expect it was worth a lot but it is HD 1080i and has a terrific picture, hdmi, component and the other connections. Broadcast only comes in 1080i as i've learned so upgrading to the plasma 1080p didn't do much for my regular tv viewing.

anyway, I'll ck some of the sources mentioned
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