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joebas's Avatar joebas 09:42 AM 12-14-2012
Is the output of the Digital Audio cable 5.1 or just stereo?

sitlet's Avatar sitlet 01:29 PM 12-14-2012
Well, this is a very vague question. However, assuming you mean the optical output of a tv, then the answer is the optical output will output 5.1 from the tv's internal tuner, both OTA and QAM, if the source is 5.1 of course. Devices connected to the tv via hdmi will normall not output 5.1 through the optical port, only stereo. There are a few models that will, however they are slim to none.
Otto Pylot's Avatar Otto Pylot 02:03 PM 12-14-2012
^^^^^ 100% correct.
joebas's Avatar joebas 06:30 PM 12-14-2012
Yes, sorry I was talking about the optical out on my Sharp lc60le640U. I am thinking of buying the Vizio VHT510 & wanted to know if 5.1 would be sent to the soundbar. Thanks for your help.
bajaspeed's Avatar bajaspeed 08:30 AM 01-01-2013
How far in does the optical plug go into the tv? Mine wants to only go in half way and everytime you turn the tv on, you have to work the card around to get sound, any suggestions?
sitlet's Avatar sitlet 03:07 PM 01-01-2013
That should not happen. Either you have a bad cable or a bad port on the tv.
Ratman's Avatar Ratman 03:20 PM 01-01-2013
.... or you didn't remove the protective caps/covers from the cable.
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