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TayX's Avatar TayX 11:57 AM 12-25-2012
I recently purchased a Samsung UN50ES6900 from Best Buy. Everything seems pretty good with the set and still pictures are perfect. However, in some scenes, especially in 1080i, when the scene moves/pans from side to side, my eyes can make out bars or segments on the screen if I focus on the background and not the foreground. It seems that the screen has sections that are not quite the same brightness as each other so I can see where they start/stop. Again, this is not noticeable on scenes without a lot of movement or in scenes with fast movement. It's really when the scene pans very slowly around a room where this is very noticeable. On occasion I can see this for horizontal scene changes as well but these types of movements are less frequent in TV shows.

From searching on-line, I can't find anything about this. There is a common issue with TVs breaking and having bars visible all the time or having moving bars on the screen but that's not what my issue is. My wife watches the TV and doesn't notice this. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? smile.gif I can try to get a video if it would help, but I am wondering if this is just a normal thing with LEDs that some people notice and some don't?


TayX's Avatar TayX 11:59 AM 12-25-2012
Note that most of the time I see this issue I am watching shows using my Tivo Series 3, which does not natively support 1080p and is set to Native, to pass 1080i or 720p through directly to the TV. I am not sure if that is related or not. I need to try some Blu-Rays to see if I can repro there also.
prushing's Avatar prushing 01:02 PM 12-25-2012
search here, you can look at the es8000 thread, its called vertical banding
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