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jtrips's Avatar jtrips 06:13 PM 12-26-2012
I have a SV422XVT 42" LCD TV that is currently not providing an image or sound. The TV DOES power on, showing only the VIZO logo on the screen, with the appropriate white light on the power icon. Unfortunately the functionality ends here. The remote doesn't work, and batteries have been replaced. All side button on the TV, aside from powering on, do not work either - I can't even power off.

Once powered ON, the TV will display the logo for several minutes and then automatically power off, having the power icon rotate between orange and white. I cannot end this sequence without unplugging the power cord.

Please note that prior to this incidence, the TV would sometimes load a purple-ish screen with no sound when I would power the TV and Cable Box on. Normally I would only have to shut the Cable Box on and off and the image and sound would load properly. Not sure if there is any correlation here, but wanted to make note of this.

The backlight of the TV still seems to be on. My brief research lends me to believe that this a motherboard problem, or perhaps a problem with the backlight inverter. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciate.


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