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thatguy69's Avatar thatguy69 01:03 AM 12-27-2012
First off I will say I have two FLM 3232 TVs. One is broken with the problem described and the other is fully functional so I can try parts from the functioning one before buying. The TV boots up as it should.

Then it loads some "no signal" text at the top because it is not connected that looks like this

but the text is supposed to be yellow like this

Then the input menu looks like this

when it should look like this

The picture looks like this

when the proper picture is this

The input menu also looks silly when it is pulled up over this input

So as you can see the picture always looks bitcrushed and posterized and snowy. I have replaced the mainboard which solved the problem a bit but all the pictures posted are with the new main board so it obviously did not help. Could it be a lose wire or a shorted wire? Any ideas? Im a computer technician so feel free to get technical. One thing I did notice was that the volume was on MAX when the TV broke. When I went to turn it down the level was '255'. From my computer programming experience this seemed to be a bug of the programming where the actual max integer value of the volume control had slipped through. With the new main board in, the max volume was again a value of '100'. So I feel like something is going right... thanks for any help!

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