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Scared by AV's Avatar Scared by AV 07:22 PM 12-31-2012
I was thinking about buying a new TV after the New Year because I figured there would be great sales, but now I am reading about this 4k or ultra HD stuff and wonder if I should wait? My question is simple; is the technology close to being affordable and will content start becoming more available? If the new 4k TVs will debut in 2013 and cost a small fortune now AND for the next several years or if content will be very limited for a long time then I could go ahead and upgrade my TV but I don't want to spend money on a new TV then in 3 years be able to get a nice Sony 4k TV for under $2000. Any thoughts on whether now is a good time to buy a new TV?

I see 3D has being a fad while upgrading the quality of HD and making it more widely available as the long term line of progression for TVs. Just don't wan't to be burned if there is about to be a major upgrade in HD.

1000's Avatar 1000 07:43 PM 12-31-2012
The only things coming are OLED panels (realistically 2014) and 4K panels (arrived this year). Both will cost/cost a small fortune and likely will for at least two years. The best advice I can give you is go to stores, pick a panel you like and enjoy it.
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