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01-03-2013 | Posts: 7
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Has been working great since I got it (maybe ... 6-8 years ago?).

Was using it this morning, no problems. In the evening, I hit the power button and nothing happens. No sound, no lights, nothing! I read about a 'green, blinking light' issue but the front light does not turn on anymore. When I unplug the TV and plug it back in, it usually makes a clicking noise. Nothing! I even tried using another power cable (same volts and everything) on another working outlet and nothing doing.

Could it be the power supply is fried?
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01-03-2013 | Posts: 2,079
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Sorry to hear that, but I think it's time for a new tv. 6-8 years is a long time to own a tv. It's a good excuse to get a nicer bigger one anyways.biggrin.gif
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03-08-2013 | Posts: 3
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Hi...just found this. My identical unit did the same EXACT thing last year in April '12. Unit was purchased in May '06. I watch a lot of TV, but was still annoyed at the power dying like that in only 6 years. I have an old tube tv that is from 97 and still running strong...oh well. Got a bigger and more expensive samsung. They suggested that paying more indicates better parts...we shall see...
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