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triggerhappeh's Avatar triggerhappeh 11:21 AM 01-07-2013
That time of the year again, CES is happening this week and new HDTVs are already being released. That being said, I'm going to reap some of the savings of last years models. I like things simple:

Budget: $1500 maximum

Seating Distance: Wall-to-Wall is 13ft, but I figure I can move the couch to the middle of the room, or figure something out to make the optimal viewing distance right.

Size Limitations: No limitations, only money. I understand that with a 13ft viewing distance, about 80in width will be optimal but that's a really expensive TV.

Sources: DirecTV HR24, Apple TV, Xbox 360. The HR24 broadcasts in 720p on most channels, Apple TV and Xbox 360 support 1080p.

Lighting: Light varies during the time of day. I have a big sliding glass door that is covered by blinds with a little sky window that isn't covered. I often get a glare on my current LCD during the afternoon. I've attached a few pictures of lighting sources below.

I was looking at two units from Sony, the Sony BRAVIA HX750 and the Sony EX645. I have one question, does the technology outweigh the screen size?

Any comments are always welcome.



triggerhappeh's Avatar triggerhappeh 03:31 PM 01-08-2013
Based on the calculations provided in the "Help me choose an LCD" thread" it looks like 5in won't be that much difference at about 8ft. So far I think the 55in HX750 is going to be the one I order. Looking at the specifications of both and reading both owners threads, both are good choices. I think the deciding factor was the X-REALITY picture engine and also the dynamic edge backlight. Does anyone have any inputs?
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