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Ron Grimm 01-09-2013 12:19 PM

I have the entry level Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, everything (cable box, WD tv live media Streamer, Blu Ray player) is being run through the reciever through HDMI cables. The reciever OUTPUTS all signals directly via HDMI to my Samsung A630 HDTV set. I also have 5 JBL speakers running through the reciever, it sounds terrific!

My wife gave me a Yamaha ATS-1010 Surround soundbar as a Christmas gift. (I wanted a powered sub-woofer to complete my system, BUT she thought the soundbar would be a better gift.eek.gif)

I've been attempting to see if the soundbar will at all work with the Reciever..since the reciever decodes all the new surround signals; including Dolby Digital Plus, which Netflix uses to stream their 5.1 surround signals

My question is this..the Yamaha soundbar instructions tell us to plug the Optical Cable into the Optical cable input on the back of the TV set.

BUT.. will this Optical Cable input "PASS THROUGH" the surround signals from the HDMI? OR will it simply DOWNMIX the signals to 2 channel stereo only?

IF the Optical Input ONLY downmixes the signals back to 2 channel stereo, then those Surround Soundbars which instruct us to use the Optical cable input in tv sets are a gigantic SCAM. UNLESS the soundbars can process a TRUE Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround signal from the Optical cable's 2 channel output..

So.. what is the real story here? Does the optical cable INPUT on the tv sets actually PASS THROUGH the 5.1 surround signal OR simply downmix the signal into 2 channel stereo ?

Thanks in advance for any advice all ya'll may have..

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