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lcompx's Avatar lcompx 10:16 PM 02-01-2013
Several years ago a was in a pinch and needed a Bedroom sized TV and picked up a Vizio va26lhdtv10t super cheap. This was intended to be a temporary solution but for several reasons I still haven't upgraded; and honestly, for what I assume is a cheapo entry level LCD the input lag situation with the Vizio is remarkably close to tolerable.

I do definitely have the itch for a budget upgrade, though. Right now I have a couple of TVs and a couple of PC monitors on my radar, but it has been awhile since I seriously shopped for a TV and I have next to no experience with PC stuff so I'm looking for help.

As far as TVs go I am mainly looking at a Panasonic TC-L32E5. From what I understand the Panasonic flat panels have a somewhat good reputation for gaming, but maybe haven't been as good the last couple years. Does anyone have experience with the E5s?

In Monitors I'm maybe looking at a Viewsonic VX2703MH-LED or a CDE3201LED. I believe that in general PC monitors should have tolerable input lag but I don't know anything specific about either of these products. Another big concern with the monitors is the sound situation. I am by no means an audiophile, but I have no idea if the built in speakers on the monitors above would be anywhere near good enough to use for gaming. If not would a basic sound bar work with a pc monitor and would that solve the issue?

Does anyone have experience with or suggestions about the products I listed? Does anyone know of a TV or monitor that would make a good bedroom gaming display? Input lag is definitely my main concern.


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