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markrubin's Avatar markrubin 10:37 AM 02-19-2013
I have a 55 inch Samsung 7000 series LCD in my office that is approx 2 years old

Over the weekend there was a major power failure: when I powered the display on this morning, no HDMI input worked: the component video input still works

I tried all 4 HDMI inputs: I know the sources work

any ideas?


markrubin's Avatar markrubin 11:23 AM 02-20-2013

thiao's Avatar thiao 06:41 PM 02-20-2013
How to troubleshoot the HDMI (from the service manual for a 2010 'C' model 7000 series.

Alternatively, you can replace the Main board.
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 03:57 AM 02-21-2013
Thanks for the info: that is what I thought

also noticed the Ethernet connection is dead : and when I power it up on an HDMI input the panel resets itself

The panel is 3 years old and came with a one year warranty so I will use the component video input for a while until I decide what to do: I don't think I want to put any money in it for repairs...
thiao's Avatar thiao 04:34 PM 02-21-2013
You're very welcome.

Repair at the component level is a PITA and requires specialized skills/equipment and component availability.

A replacement main board for your set, from the usual sources, would run around $100 and very much a DIY project.

There is also also the remote possibility, that the power failure corrupted the eProm firmware or a setting.

However, I never recommend entering the service menu, unless you have the procedures/settings in the service manual on hand.

Note: broken HDMI, Ethernet and eProm firmware, all point to the main board.
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