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Having laid out a good chunk of change on an LG 84" 4K panel, I would have expected that it would include a usable remote control. What comes standard is a "pointer" and nothing short of a completely ridiculous excuse for a remote.Trust me... I am not going to rant here just for the fun of it. This thing is really a joke.


There are some major drawbacks to this remote control. I knew I was in trouble when one of the first things that the calibrator said to me was "Have you thrown that thing against the wall yet?". Without even trying before he got started he went back out to the truck and brought in a brand new $300 universal remote. He said that he would be here for days if he had to use the thing that comes with the panel. It took him about 15 minutes to program the remote. He was absolutely smart in doing so. There was no way he could have gotten the job done otherwise. I just wish that he had left it behind for me to use.

This is a great example where artistic form won out over function. This is clearly designed by rookie engineers who have yet to experience years of negative feedback from customers over the bogus decisions they have made or otherwise benefit from experienced mentors, and it is clearly the product of rookie management who all apparently could afford universal remotes of their own. This is something that got out the door and no one had really tried to use it let alone live with it.

To start with the cute curved design is unstable on the table top. Unless you are very careful in setting it down, it falls over. It in no way can coexist nicely with two or three other remotes. Bump it in setting down a another controller and 'clunk' if falls over.

The buttons include:

  • Power
  • BACK
  • HOME
  • SELECT (with useless scroll wheel)
  • +/- VOL
  • MUTE
  • 3D

When you pick up the control a pointer appears on the screen. You can move the pointer around to make selections much like you would with a mouse. Except, the pointer rarely is aligned where you are pointing. You can push the pointer over to the edge of the screen and force it then to track somewhat in the direction you are pointing. That is until you stop and after a very brief couple of seconds the pointer disappears and you have to shake the controller to get it back. At that point it appears center screen and is no longer aligned with you. Again you head for the edge of the screen.

Worse yet... when the panel detects an input signal or at other times it may popup a dialog where you might just want to click the highlighted OK. Pick up the controller and the pointer appears and OK is no longer highlighted. You have to again struggle to get onto the correct button to click. I have taken to holding the remote dead still on the table and pressing the select button. If I don't pick it up, pressing SELECT will do the highlighted OK. I might even be able to use the direction buttons to move around then.

Oh but wait, there is this scrolling wheel which is part of the SELECT button. If you move that even the tiniest bit a pop-up appears to tell you that this function only applies to TV mode. This you have to CANCEL. I would have to say that with some practice I can avoid the invalid function reminder maybe 8 times out of 10. Yes, 20% of the time it prompts me to expel a NSFW expletive!

Now in the menus you can select pointer speed, pick one of 4 types of pointers and even change the pointer size but, YOU CANNOT TURN IT OFF. There is also an "ALIGNMENT" menu setting which for the life of me I cannot figure out what it does.

Note that there is no MENU button. To get to the menus you need to press HOME or the MY APPS button. Both appear to take me to the same place where across the bottom a series of installed Apps appear. The first being an Input Selector, the second is a Menu App. So if you had wanted to tweak a picture setting during your favorite show, well you'll have to pause it (if you can) because there is no way to get to a simple little picture menu without displaying all kinds of extra crap (and messing with the pointer thing).

There is a Q. MENU button (the Q stands for QUICK). You get to that again through the HOME display as it is one of the Apps across the bottom. Unfortunately the "quick" menu App is on the second page of Apps.

So this has degenerated into a rant about the menu system. It is really not all that bad once you actually get into the menus themselves. This is where the universal remote shines as I can can attest to witnessing the ability to jump right into the menus using one. One note there... manufactures should actually experience the calibration of their panels. Maybe then they wouldn't obscure critical areas of the screen with menus. With 4K resolution, a perfectly usable menu could be all of 10" wide and not need to cover half the screen and be readable from the neighbor's porch.

Anyway, I am in the market for a good universal remote. I'll take suggestions but I probably already know what you'd all recommend.

Meanwhile, you will absolutely need to add the price of a good universal remote to your budget assuming that you don't already have one. I can guarantee that the standard remote will be tossed before my 84LM9600 has its 1 month anniversary.

Hey if you are making a sci-fi flick, consider using these remotes. They make a good looking hand phasor and would fit nicely against the curve of your belt in a holster.

Do you think LG might consider retrofitting their initial sets with a real remote control? Are they big enough to admit to blowing it?

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This is a horrific remote... The worse ever created or I've ever used even though I only used it for a few hours the first day. Then I quickly programmed my universal remote. While we're at it, not much of a manual with this TV either.
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The "manual" is useless as is the onscreen user manual. Well, at least to this point I haven't used it and had it help in any way.

As it is I plan a trip to the showroom to photograph the connections on the rear of the panel. They have it out in the open there on the stand. With my panel being wall mounted the best I can do is tilt the bottom away from the wall an inch and squeeze my hand behind there. Then I am feeling around for the connections. There isn't a photo anywhere that shows the precise location of the connections. So I tried connecting an optical cable to the Ethernet port for a while. The panel is too heavy to remove on my own. It might be doable but I am not willing to risk it... yet.

Note that the stand, if you choose to use it, swivels. You can angle the set left or right, not a lot, but some. We were surprised about that.

There are controls behind the right edge of the screen facing rear. These are POWER, INPUT, SETTINGS, OK, -, +, UP and DOWN in that order bottom to top. With a wall mounted panel you cannot see them. They are your secret if you know that they are there. The remote is so bad that I will walk over and use these buttons blindly in preference.

I am thinking that this remote is RF. I am not sure if that is confirmed anywhere. There is a "Remote control" sensor on the bezel in the lower right hand corner. The remote appears to operate when covered and hidden from the set.
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A rather comprehensive review of the LG 84LM9600 is available online at www.digitaltrends.com.
As expected, the reviewer was tremendously impressed by the increase in detail + resolution specifically as it applies to screens larger than 70" which he described as easily noticeable and he was also very impressed by its native upconversion; However, he was not very impressed by its use of LED edge-lighting with very noticeable brighter corners and there is a video showing the huge difference it makes when applying local-dimming - "low" and "medium" are best, "high" brings back some of the edge-lighting issues, go figure!; He also noticed very faint vertical bands stretching across the screen that were mostly visible with lighter images.
He called the sound of the onboard speakers one of the best he had ever heard coming from a TV.
For those considering this Ultra Definition TV, a "must read"....
BTW, if you're having difficult accessing it, just google LG84LM9600 and scroll down to link to the review.
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My biggest issue with the current crop of 4K displays, is their inability to accept 4K 60p signals when they arrive. This is what gives me pause about jumping in to 4K at this point.
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