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Hey, i tried cleaning my screen a while ago and the first time i did it wrong, i used a paper towel and caused a few light scratches on the surface, this dosent really bother me because its literally impossible to notice when the tv is on because they are so incredibly minor, in fact i can only notice them in a dark room with a flashlight

What IS bothering me though is the uniformity/flashlighting, i always noticed it in the corners but im starting to notice it much more now, is it possible i could have done something to the screen? Taken off some sort of finish or pushed too hard or something? (I was gentle, and used a microfiber cloth with distilled water) however i cleaned it like 40 times because i have some crazy OCD and i couldnt get the streaks to go away

Is it possible that this could have made flashlighting worse or is this all in my head and im just noticing it more now??


Also my TV is
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Try loosenign all the screws in the back 1/4 turn and massage TV again.
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