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02-27-2013 | Posts: 2
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I have had my Sony Bravia for a couple of years and now have a white screen. In looking in the my 46Z4100, I find that I am not alone in problems with this model. I read on Consumer Reports the issues with Sony and the 1.6 million dollar payout they have had in payouts with their tvs. I have contacted Sony and without success after talking with 3 people they basically have told me that their has been no problems or recalls with this model. I find this very hard to believe and they do not want to give me any type of credit on my tv. In talking with where I purchased my tv, they will come out for $95 and it could be from $200 up to $1000 to repair! I can buy a new tv for that and not Sony like I would have previously. No consumer support or backing of their product-very unhappy!
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Mmmm...I contacted Sony support and they did great. So has others in this forum. Try again
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So you recommend just keep calling customer support?
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