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tesna's Avatar tesna 02:44 AM 03-08-2013
I'm looking to upgrade the size of my TV from a samsung 40C530 (with AUO panel) and it has comes to these two choices. The AUO panel has very good black for an LCD but very poor viewing angle. I don't need 3D or smart tv so it has come between LG 47LS4600 or Samsung 46EH5000.

Currently I tend to choose the LG due to cheaper price locally ($800 vs $900) and more HDMI input ( 3 vs 2 ) and under my assumption on the LG I don't need to worry about panel lottery like samsung since all IPS panel on the LG TVs especially 47" and up are produced by LG display. Is my assumption is true? I know the downside of IPS is it tends to have poorer blacks than S-PVA or A-MVA. My 40" A-MVA panel has very good dark when viewing on axis, but if you view the TV slightly off angle the black become gray/purple :S At least with IPS the backlight/contrast will be consistent in wider viewing angle.

Apart from that I'm also worried about backlight uniformity since it's a edge lit led vs direct lid led on the samsung. But due to panel lottery on the samsung I can't make a choice yet frown.gif I don't mind getting samsung or auo panel.. I don't really want to get a CMO panel :S

My main content will be from HD cable box and HTPC and will be put on the living room with good amount on light during the day.

Is 120/240Hz important for an LCD? if important I'll consider to upgrade to EH6000 or eqv. on the LG.

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