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mrwiseguy85's Avatar mrwiseguy85 10:35 AM 07-30-2014
I apologize for not having time to surf the thousands of posts in this thread, but the 55" F7100 is on-sale today for $1099.99 and I'm on the fence about purchasing. Lately for 55" options I have been considering the Sony 55W800B, the Vizio M (2014), and the Samsung H6350. It seems like this would be a step-up of the H6350 (despite this being a 2013 model), but the CNET review had me a little weary of the F7100.

Couple considerations:
-TV will be used for 40% Gaming, 40% TV, and 20% Movies
-Seating distance is ~8-9 ft directly from TV. We have an L-shaped sectional, so potentially some seating upwards of 30° from set when many people are over.

What is the general consensus on this TV with regards to uniformity (with respect to other brands, as no edge-lit LED is perfect) and picture options for gaming without huge input lag deficiencies?

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Shimmy Bang Bang 11:29 AM 08-01-2014
^ Whatever you do, I would definitely checkout the newest Vizio M Series (2014, not 2013). Since they are now FALD, they could be the best bang for your buck.

I'd have to see them in person though and then compare price. If 3D is of any bit importance to you though, IIRC, the new M series is not 3D capable.

I'm very happy with my Sammy 7100 55". I only game with the Wii U on it (no FPS games), so my input on that area isn't really helpful. I do feel the silver bezel\frame helps make the blacks look a little darker. Again, I would have to compare in person to see if the FALD on the M series is significantly better. My gut opinion - the M series will have better blacks and more consistency, but the 7100 will have more to offer in the vivid wow factor (not necessarily always good thing though).
Steve Simitzis 10:19 PM 08-02-2014
I also have this exact problem. It just started happening out of nowhere. I'm also running an Ethernet cord directly to the TV; I may try on wifi just to see what happens.

My guess is that the latest firmware breaks all the streaming apps. Anyone know how to downgrade?

Originally Posted by mspHtown View Post
Hi all,

I've owned a 65" f7100 for about 6 months now. It is hanging in my media room and has little mileage on it. I am having an issue streaming with the Apps (Amazon VOD and Netflix are the only ones I use). After about 30 minutes of streaming, the both apps lag badly. It takes about 30 sec to 1 minute for the app to respond to the remote (video still playing fine). After about an hour, the video/audio starts freezing and gets progressively worse. At this point, the TV/app is unresponsive. I can see the red LED flash in response to the remote, but the app does not respond. I cannot even turn the TV off. If I select the smart hub button on the remote, the screen goes black and after 1 minute, and it may go back to the menu (if I'm lucky). As soon as I can cycle the TV off, back on, and reopen the App, the problem is fixed. I have to go through this nonsense every hour or so when I stream a movie. It is not a buffering issue.

To answer a few basic questions:

This issue just started a couple of weeks ago. I could stream perfectly fine without issue since I bought the TV.
I updated to the latest firmware (didn't help).
I updated Netflix and Amazon VOD to the latest software (didn't help).
I can stream from computers, phones, and game systems just fine throughout the house.
I am running an Ethernet cord directly to the TV.
Playing movies through an external player works perfectly fine (TV is responsive to remote throughout viewing).

Before spending 5 hours on the phone with Samsung and getting the run-around, I'm hoping someone on this board has some advice. I would greatly appreciate it.

Rey L's Avatar Rey L 06:08 AM 08-07-2014
For me most apps work fine but there's lag in some. Overall the smarthub has gotten laggy for me so I picked up a roku 3 . I would've preferred better performance out of the hub since I do like the interface.
macmane's Avatar macmane 01:15 PM 08-13-2014
Does the bd wise feature have a role in pq?
PiratesCove's Avatar PiratesCove 06:48 PM 08-24-2014
The Smart TV Remote app for Android Smart Phones works really well with the F7100 and the DirecTV Set-Top Box.

My Samsung Galaxy Light (Phone) serves as a really good remote with full functionality.
mgh26's Avatar mgh26 07:25 PM 08-27-2014
Originally Posted by Rey L View Post
For me most apps work fine but there's lag in some. Overall the smarthub has gotten laggy for me so I picked up a roku 3 . I would've preferred better performance out of the hub since I do like the interface.
I have also seen a slow down of the Smart Hub Apps but mostly while using the Web browser. This seemed for my TV the slow Smart Hub responce started several weeks ago. Since then, there has been a few Smart Hub Firmware updates including the Web Browser but I saw No improvement. All along being on the TV firmware Version 1200 which was really good. I tried a Smart Hub Reset twice and still no change. A few days ago after reseting my Router, still no improvement SO.............. I did the dreaded Factory Reset and to my well sort of suprise, the Applications I use along with the Web Browser are really much faster once again. I did have a power surge as well during the slow down so I'm not really what caused the issue for my TV but glad it's OK again. For any other's with Application slow downs, this might be worth a try but it is APITA!!!
lostinthedesert 11:42 PM 08-27-2014

First, I'll be upfront and admit I also posted this question in the H7150 owner's thread. I know you get asked questions like this all the time, so I apologize in advance, but I have searched all over, read most of this and the H7150 threads, and haven't really found the answer to my question. Little bit of background info, I just recently moved and have much more living room space now. We decided to upgrade our TV from our 2007 Samsung 37" LCD to a 55" TV. We planned to stay with Samsung as we have simply enjoyed the quality products they generally offer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with our 7 year old tv. I did a little searching online and at consumer reports and then we went to our local military post exchange (shopping center) and found that they have two very interesting options available. They are selling the 55" Samsung F7100 for $999 and the 55" H7150 for $1,199 this week.

I know that the only real differences between the two is that the H7150 has micro dimming pro, a faster CMR, a different remote, and a bigger processor. I am inclined towards the F7100 because of its great price point and it seems (according to these forums and other reviews) that they are having less issues than the H7150s. I have never had a smart tv before and I'm not very tech savvy. I do play some online first person shooters and other role playing games from time to time on my xbox 360. I also used my xbox console to stream Netflix with my older tv. The majority of the time though, our tv is used to watch HD programming on Directv.

So my question is; is the the upgraded processor on the H7150 worth the extra $200? How much faster is it than the F7100? I have noticed several post and reviews commenting on how slow the smart hub is on the F7100. Is the new remote design worth the upgrade? I doubt I will ever notice the difference between the two viewing experiences, especially with the leap forward I am about to make. A couple of things I have read said that Samsung has really focused on providing more extras in the last few years because they can't do much more to improve on these kind of tvs.
ffjxc's Avatar ffjxc 09:33 AM 09-01-2014
May be too late but I would go with the newer model for the additional $200 for a couple of reasons. First the improved processors and second at least another year of Samsung improving the performance with updated firmware. We have not seen an update in firmware on the F7100/7050 for about 3 months. I suspect we will not see any in the future either.
SkaterVideoGuy's Avatar SkaterVideoGuy 08:48 PM 09-03-2014
Hi All,

Just a note, as I couldn't find any posts talking about this specific issue. Few days back when I tried to watch a 2D movie in 3D, I encountered a Flashing at the bottom of the Screen - about 4" to 6" up from the bottom and all across the entire Screen. It only happened when switched to 3D mode. My unit is now almost a year old, and has worked great since I got it. I also have 2 other Sam Sung Monitors and 4 TV's - up to 8 yrs old - and all have still function without issues.

I'm up to date on the Firm Ware, and checked all settings and also the Outside Ant. input. Only happened when shifting into 3D mode - otherwise set performs wonderful.

So call to Sam Sung, they tested it out over the Internet (I'm wired in) and then sent out the Repair Folks.

Today, they came and replaced the Board at the Base of the TV (Sam Sung told them that was the likely culprit)
That did exactly Nothing. Tried replacing the larger Board on the Rt side - again No Change. Finally decided it was the TV Panel - so will return to replace it when it comes in (they have to Order it).

So No 3D for a few days, but the 2D works just fine - go figure.
tomalamix's Avatar tomalamix 02:16 PM 09-04-2014
Hy guys,

posting to try to know if my F7000 is normal or not...ive been using the panel to play some videos using a pen drive (USB 2.0) with MKV movies. i notice that the image color, contrast, everything (the best ive seen thats why i bought this one ) is great but despite the fact the picture quality is great the movie seems a little bit sluggish for a 1080p (10gb-12gb file for +-2h movie), i feel that the frames arent flowing like they should, i dont know if its just me asking more than i bought.

is there any way to test the real proper smooth operation of the panel during video play back? or this is just my impression ?

thanks for your inputs
SkaterVideoGuy's Avatar SkaterVideoGuy 01:03 PM 09-08-2014
Hi All.


Repairman came today and replaced the Screen. Did Not work. 3D still flashing ! So, he replaced the Power Module Board on the Rt. side (from the rear).

Hoo Ray !! Now it works again !!

First time he's seen this failure, and Sam Sung did not think it was the issue. Hope they'll find something when they get it back and check it out.

Happy Happy !

macmane's Avatar macmane 09:35 AM 09-17-2014
In regards to sharpness setting on this tv ive played around with it for a year now and I truly believe the sharpness setting at 0 gives u the best picture . Everything looks so much clearer and just right per say to me
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