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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
I can't see a difference. The quantum dots are a great idea, but I think Sony realised that while that tech can provide colour far in excess of what rec.709 needs, these TVs are basically locked to that colour space in terms of internal video processing so all that extra expense just wasn't worth it.
Thanks very much for your insight!!
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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
Okay guys, I've spent a few days twiddlin' and a' tweakin' with the 55" B series and here is the news: I like it a lot.

The 2D images are cleaner and sharper than on my 55" A, for three main reasons. One: the smearing blacks of the A series panel had a bigger effect on temporal resolution than I thought. Folks may remember me saying that there wasn't a lot of overt motion blur on my set, but compared to the B it was definitely missing that extra touch of motion clarity. Two: I think the visible line structure of the 540p passive FPR detail played its part, because it kind of 'dithered' the detail underneath, if that makes sense. (Obviously this isn't so much of an issue for the 65" A owners, and the same goes for the smearing blacks too because the 65" panel seemed to be much better in that regard.) Three: Sony have tweaked the high-frequency response so that it no longer needs to have Reality Creation enabled to pass single pixel detail. I think the Reality Creation processing is exceptional but at the end of the day it's exactly that: processing, and the less the image has the better it is, IMO. All in all the 2D picture quality is stunning.

I know some people have had a lot of trouble getting a set with decent backlight uniformity, and when got my one I was horrified to see a row of bleed along the top edge of the screen. It wasn't just blobs of light, oh no, it was like there was a series of little flashlights shaped like this /\ beaming down from the top. But that got me thinking....are these things showing up because something has been tightened too much internally? So I took off the back of the TV, as you do, and loosened several screws along the top of the panel. Cut to a couple of days later and I can still just see a small patch of bleed at the top left, but the blatant 'flashlights' seem to have gone. I couldn't have asked for a better DIY result than that!

3D is where it gets interesting. My main concern was the crosstalk on active Sony TVs, having seen it first hand on other sets I was dreading watching 3D on this TV. At first my worst fears were realised, as there was obvious crosstalk but as soon as I turned the MotionFlow off, the crosstalk all but disappeared. Great! But.....there are other issues. The strict shutter rate of the glasses causes heavy flicker in my peripheral vision, even with normal daylight. This was not a problem with the old-school Sony active glasses because they had that wrap-around design, but these 'open' type ones are not the best idea for active. Still, close the curtains or turn off the light and that's that problem solved.

Then there's the backlight being locked to maximum in 3D mode because of the light loss of the active shutters, which isn't a Bad Thing in and of itself but it reveals a huge patch of DSE that cuts right across the screen and can be quite distracting with shots that have a vertical tilt. (The DSE is virtually invisible in 2D because after calibration I only needed the backlight up at 2.) Another thing is that the active shutters create almost like a 'double motion' effect with certain speeds of movement. It's not crosstalk, it's more like the two separate images can't keep up with each other. Turning the MotionFlow to Smooth solves this problem, but it then generates the dreaded soap opera effect with 24p AND it ramps up the crosstalk, as I said above.

Here's the kicker with the 3D: it's not 1080p on the 55" B series either! I can only surmise that Sony has again made that compromise to create a wider viewing angle on the 'smaller' screen. Thankfully, this time around that compromise has not affected 2D viewing (no FPR lines) and Sony have made sure to put a proper low-pass filter in place, as diagonal edges have none of the distracting aliasing which plagued the 55" A series in 3D. I don't know whether it's 540 like before or perhaps something inbetween, because there are no 720-line 3D test materials on the S&M disc, only 540 and 1080. 540 is fine, 1080 is greyed out. Might see if I can download a pattern from somewhere and then force the simulated 3D, that should still show up the resolution.

Heck of it is, I still enjoy watching 3D on this set! I don't find active to be fatiguing and some of those issues I mentioned only appear under certain conditions. It's still less than 1080p unfortunately, but without the jaggies of the A series it's more satisfying and it's still got great depth and separation with minimal crosstalk.

Thanks Geoff D,
I was considering removing my back panel ( 65X900A) and trying to play around with the screws at the top and bottom to alleviate some of the uniformity issues I have. Mine are mainly lighter and darker areas shaped much the same as yours on light bluish or grayish background like the sky especially when the scene pans across. I was wonder exactly which screws you were refering to. See Post #9999 for pictures of back panel. Was it the 12 or so screws at the very top edge? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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