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brazosdog02's Avatar brazosdog02 09:08 PM 06-18-2013
How does one do a 'new work' recessed plug? Do you just buy a plug that is somehow recessed that just fits in the blue new work boxes??

scooter520's Avatar scooter520 09:58 PM 06-18-2013
Yes, but make sure you get the deepest single gang new work box. I believe 22 cu inch is the deep box, and still fits in 2x4 framing, no problem with 2x6 framing. Like this:
weaselfest's Avatar weaselfest 04:43 AM 06-19-2013

Here is the recessed outlet I just installed behind my parents new 40" Sharp in exactly the fashion you describe. Easy fit, inside standard four inch deep retrofit box.
Leviton 689-W. Less than $8 from amazon.
brazosdog02's Avatar brazosdog02 08:21 AM 06-19-2013
OK, awesome. Now, do they make a GOOD recessed receptacle like you showed with surge protection? I have 'whole house' surge protection on outside panel, but I want something to protect it at point of use as well. If not, are there any good ones I can use with this setup? I currently have a single gang oulet at the floor that is powered by the single gang outlet behind the TV. Im thinking of adding another outlet at floor level and using the current boxes and wires in a 'power bridge' setup. It would save costs if I just got one Surgex protector for the AV equipment and hooked up the TV to it rather than get one for equipment and one that mounts behind the tv bracket. Thoughts?
weaselfest's Avatar weaselfest 05:45 PM 06-19-2013
Your power bridge idea is probably the most cost effective if the install allows for it. Easier to service in the event of a sacrificial failure of the surge protection device too.
Funny, you're touching on another install in process, a cabin with a projection system. Projector power thru bridge back to AV system secure rack with Furman rack mount surge protector/power conditioner.
Panamax makes a recessed AC outlet with integrated power conditioning and high input shut off. MIW-Power-pro
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