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06-19-2013 | Posts: 298
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Im debating how to do this. I have a single gang box behind the tv, no drywall is up yet. There is a double gang box installed near the floor. The idea is to use the double gang box so one side is regular wired, and the other side is a power bridge to the outlet behind the TV. This set up will allow me to wire it either way. I can use the runner wire as a power bridge, or just tie it to the plug in the double gange box and supply raw power to the box behind the TV.

So, what is 'better'? Power bridge with something like a TItan HT that will protect ALL of my equipment, or put an in wall protector behind the TV? I thought the power bridge setup would be best because I can put a BEEFY surge protector...JUST ONE....and do ALL of my equipment. Thoughts??
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06-19-2013 | Posts: 294
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Surge protectors are practically worthless for protecting sensitive household electronics.

If you are serious about protecting your equipment, you will install and use one or MORE UPS devices sized to run your equipment.

I have a 600 watt, AND a 1500 watt UPS that runs and protects all the extensive equipment in my entertainment center. Until I went to those from a $150 "surge protector", I lost equipment over the years from brown-outs, surges, fast off/on power drops.

I'll never go back to plain surge protectors, my UPS's have paid for themselves over and over again...
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I've experimented with several types and models of surge protector's over the years, and settled on Torus Power products. There are other companies that produce similar products as well, but I like the build of the Torus units. Some of the less expensive components, including UPS's, from Panamax are also very good. I guess it comes down to budgeting and how much value is in the equipment you are trying to protect. Like the poster above, I'm not a fan of the single small box or strip protector's.

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Been thru a few also and have been using the Torus also for the last 4-5 yrs.
These do the job and then some as I had lost a computer using a monster pc,components into Torus,nothing:D.
Also I had four F-113's which two were plugged to the wall and two into the Torus,guess what same thing,lost two F-113's.
I have all amps components and projector into the Torus(S),wouldn't be without them as they are that good.
What the Torus does for your music is another huge bonus,expensive yes,but so is my gear :eek.:
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Ok. That kind of helps. In the situation of using a Ups, a powerbridge is pretty much the only option right? The Panamax stuff is also power conditioning. I was not talking about a regular surge protector. I like the idea of a ups. So that means I have to set up with a power bridge right?

Also, what UPS do you recommend for a 65" TV, 5.1 Surround reciever and a DVR? That will be the primary equipment. The Surgex Titan HT is not just a surge protector, but also a conditioner...does the UPS handle that? What about a Panamax conditioner? Like the M4300-PM.
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06-21-2013 | Posts: 1,515
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Being a "UPS" doesn't affect the unit's surge protection. Surge capabilities will be separate from the UPS capability. Those that use a UPS tend to do so to insure the power remains uninterrupted, usually to keep Server's and projector's from shutting down. In theory, it gives the owner time to turn off the equipment to allow for a "normal" shutdown (i.e. power down the lamps in a PJ, and some UPS's can do this for you, which is great if you're not home when it happens). Obviously also helpful if the power outages are short. If you are in an area prone to Brown outs, etc., and the equipment requires timed shutdowns, then a UPS has value. Surge protection is the other side of the UPS capabilities, and that is specific to the qualities associated with the component (and for that I prefer Torus).

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06-21-2013 | Posts: 298
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I think Ill go with a good Panamax surge suppressor/conditioner. I have a tankless water heater that causes lights and motors to 'pulse' when its on, so I dont want to wreck my new AV equipment.
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