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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and I was looking for some advice. First of all here's some useful info you probably need in order to give me the right kind of advice:

I currently own
A 6-7 year old Philips 32PF9531 (32", HD ready) LCD screen and it has served me surprisingly well. I've had no noticeable input lag and the pixel plus 2 engine really makes a big difference with everything I do (games, movies, TV or using it as a second screen for my PC). The biggest downsides are; too small, dark scenes (games and movies) are not always easy to see, 1080i, Computer only displays in 4:3.

The absolute maximum I'm willing to spend on a new TV is €4000. That's a large amount of money though, somewhere around €3000 would be ideal to be honest.

Viewing distance / Size
The viewing distance is about 3 metres (around 10 feet) and even though 55" is big acording to my girlfriend, I'd much rather go 65" and she's fine with that (thankfully).

Room conditions
The walls behind and opposite of the TV are solid but there's lots of light coming in from the windows on the side of the TV. That side of the house is facing north so the sunbeams don't enter the room from there. Still, I do a lot of my gaming in daylight while we watch most of our movies at night.

What I use my TV for
Gaming is probably my biggest hobby and one of the main reasons why I want a bigger TV. I play all sorts of games from retro (NES, SNES, N64, etc) to the modern consoles (PS3 and Wii U right now). One of my favourite genres is RPG's which often see me playing for 3-4 hours straight if my schedule allows it. I also play tons of fast paced action games and FIFA online so the TV really has to be a jack of all trades.
Movies/Series are also a big thing for me, my girlfriend and I love watching the occasional blu-ray (or dvd in some cases) together and lately some GoT too.
Watching TV is something that happens every day but that's mainly my girlfriend while I'm playing some kind of handheld like 3DS and Vita on the couch.
Last but not least, I want to be able to use this new TV as a secundairy OR primairy screen on my current(VGA) or new(HDMI) computer (which I'm going to place right next to the TV). This will serve all kinds of purposes like gaming, watching movies or simply using graphic design software.

What I will connect to the TV
I have a Marantz SR5002 receiver with speakers that I connect everything too.
Consoles currently in use: PS3(HDMI), PS2 (Component), Wii U (HDMI), Wii (Component).
Consoles not in use: Gamecube (component), NES, SNES, N64 and an old X-Box.
Digital Decoder: I also have a digital decoder but I'm probably going for CI+ on my new TV. I just hope optical out from TV to my receiver won't result in syncing problems.
Blu-Ray player: I use my fat PS3 at the moment but it's way too loud so I'm also going to buy a separate blu-ray player and connect that.

Of course I have done my fair share of research and I've taken an interest in the following TV's:

Samsung UE65F8000
Beautiful design, tons of features that I'll never use, one of the best LCD LED screens so far and a rather high input lag of 40ms (only in PC mode apparantly).

Sony KDL-55W905A
Actually, the only reason I'm even considering this TV is the amazingly low input lag of 19ms. I still think 55" is too small and that I'm going to regret buying it because of that.

I've also done some research on Plasma screens but I still feel very uncomfortable with the risks of IR and Burn in. Especially with my gaming habits (4 hours straight with one HUD cannot be good for any Plasma screen) and using it as a computer monitor also raises some questions in my head. Also, I haven't seen many Plasma screens IRL but the VT60 from Panasonic I saw in a store the other day appeared to have worse black levels and washed out colors than the LED LCD screens I have an eye on. I thought the Plasma screens were supposed to be far superior in this area so I think it must have been the brightly lit shop that didn't do the screens justice. To make matters even more complicated, apparently the latest Panasonic plasma screens have around 40ms input lag which was supposed to be a plasma strength too.

Are my worries about Plasma screens justified? Are there any alternatives that I should take a look at? Is 40ms input lag acceptable for a fanatic allround gamer like me?
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