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I have a Samsung F7100/7050, am trying to get baseline network speeds on WIFI and built in NICs (ethernet).
Even if you don't have a Samsung TV, I would like to see results from LG, Vizio, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

I have Comcast Cable internet rated at 50 Mbs (6.25MBs) download 10 Mbs (1.25MBs) upload. (Most network speed measurements are in Kilobits per second -Kbps, Megabits per second-Mbps, Gigabits per second-Gbps)

Since my computers (Mac/PC) & iPad on my wired & wireless network get fast pings, match or exceed advertised network tier. (Wired: 12ms Ping, 66Mbps/74Mbps Download, 11.5Mbps/12Mbps Upload)

I am trying to figure out why the ethernet speeds suck so bad with smart apps causing buffering on HD streams (like youtube, frequency). There seems to be high latency on pings (37-800ms) & erratic download speed (from 3 Mbs to 30 Mbs) and upload speed (gets less than 1.8 Mbs) using web browser network tests.

Wired connections are supposed to be better than WIFI connections for speed & latency.
Mine are faster on WIFI for some reason.

Is it a duplex setting, web-browser bug, proxy, can be fixed with firmware, or crappy network chip? (No way to test network bandwidth other than web browser unless anybody has a service mode trick)

Internet speed test sites they all use OOKLA for testing service (only one that gives actual and peak results) (gives only peak results) (gives only peak results) (gives only peak results)
Network bandwidth conversion calculator
Explanation of Bits vs Bytes

Use built in web browser in Smart TV, & post results
Please post in formatted list below so maybe I can get a consensus on what speed range the WIFI and NIC is at normal.

TV Model:
Web browser:
Speed Tier (what service you paid for):
WIFI Type (a,b,g,n,ac):
Server test location (city):
Time of day:
Download (actual/peak):
Upload (actual/peak):
Wired Ethernet type (10/100bt, 1gb):
Server test location (city):
Time of day:
Download (actual/peak):
Upload (actual/peak):
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Another wrinkle in pinpointing youtube & other service buffering😫
Your ISP throttling it!
Free the internet!
Ars article below.
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