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Not to go too far off topic but I looked at a 65s990a yesterday and my first impression was that it looked(crystal clear deep black high contrast) just like the 65w850b only with a curved screen. Same X-Reality Pro, same TRILUMANUCE feature. The only picture I would compare it to is the 65w850a.
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Do you think that leaving my TV set to a backlight of 10 (the max) in all modes will harm my TV's longevity (i.e. will the backlighting die sooner) or is the difference between a setting of 7 and 10 insignificant to its lifespan?

re tubetwister

Shouldn't hurt it led working within their specification should meet their stated MTBF ( mean time before failure specification)

Which in the case of the panel inclusive is usually 30,000 - (~ 3.5 yrs 24/7) or 50,000 ( 5 yrs 24/7 ) hours MTBF is considered to be 1/2 brightness

More likely the bonded tab LVDS connectors, the panel driver board , T-conn , main board or PSU /LED driver board will
fail before the LED strips or LED bar in the case of an edge light if the parts are available down the road (usually from salvage or harvest sources ) the panel lighting can be repaired sometimes .

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Originally Posted by Raitzi View Post
Yes you are right. TV assumes that you are going to play games with games console and it will not automatically put e.g. your movie mode when playing blurays.

Do u know anyone who uses auto mode and enjoys it for daily use?

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MoesArt, you can compare your TV picture to most of my better screen shots. When I watch a blu ray or regular HDTV show my set looks as good as the many screen shots I have posted for the last 8 or so months.

My guess is your set must have a bad panel. How does your W850a set compare to maybe some other color sets in your house. That would make it's easy to see if you have a defective panel which I think you do. Banding is a white bar maybe 2" wide that can be seen from the top of the screen to the bottom. It would appear slightly brighter than the overall picture. It can usually only be seen when the camera rather fast pans following some fast moving object or like players in some sports game. I think some say they see a horizontal bar but I have never seen that one.

Clouding is where the bright LED's shine though a darker scene especially a black area or full black screen.

No, the LEDs running at max should not shorten their 50 to 60,000 hour expected life. Picture-mode Vivid comes from the factory with the backlight set to max. Remember when your set first comes on each time Sony runs the LEDs at twice their max backlight level. They do this evidently to preheat the triluminos filters. They go back to normal brightness by the time the picture comes on.

No banding, clouding or DSE on this set should be tolerated with a good signal applied. I'm almost sure your set has a bad panel from all the problems you mention and I would then lean toward swapping it out.

The other members here sets don't seem to have these problems or if so it's very minimal.

That's just my personal opinion.


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looks like I missed out on getting this TV (pretty much sold out everywhere) is there anything comparable to this to get next? I feel at this point I should wait till next year.
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If you are in no rush and have a TV that will last you till next year I would wait. That way you can see what's being released at CES and make a decision then.

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Unless it's Vizio then you can't count on them releasing what they say.
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