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hvc700mbuyer's Avatar hvc700mbuyer 09:21 PM 10-02-2013
I havent't bought from Best Buy for a decade, but for the 50" TV I want, it is them or Amazon....no one else has it.

So Best Buy has their warranty, 2 years for $119, which include dead pixels...which is better than Square Trade.

However, is it a cae of "when" not "if" Best Buy goes bankrupt? That warranty for the dead pixel may not be worth anything once Bankruptcy hits.

I think I can buy at Best Buy and then buy a warranty from Square Trade throught Costco.


snorge's Avatar snorge 09:51 PM 10-02-2013
I bought mine from Best Buy. If something is wrong right out of the box it is very easy to exchange. I highly doubt Best Buy will go bankrupt within 2 years anyway.
colour's Avatar colour 10:27 PM 10-02-2013
I purchase almost everything from Amazon,sales tax kills the deal at brick & mortar stores. If the government passes internet sales tax that puts Best Buy on pretty much a level playing field. They already do Amazon price matching. They changed they're policies because they realized people were buying from them, trying the item, returning it and re-buying the item online.On the other hand I'd stay away from Square Trade but I never buy warranties anyway. If they're close in price and you're buying a warranty I'd go with Bestbuy.
fatuglyguy's Avatar fatuglyguy 01:51 AM 10-03-2013
Best Buy's warranties are underwritten by an insurance company. Your plan still gets fulfilled even if Best Buy goes out of business.
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