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quattroG's Avatar quattroG 02:26 PM 10-09-2013
I have been a Toshiba fan for some time. Even though I did have problems with the Regza LCD sets from 2006 (bad panels which affected several manufactures). But I have always felt that Toshiba offered very good products and in the most competitive price points. And very good technology. I still have a 2009 Toshiba 42"120hz lcd with a great picture. Last year when I was looking for a new larger set, there wasn't much from Toshiba and I ended up with the LG 55LM7600. Very very nice set. This year I again needed a new set for a spare room. Wow, even fewer sets from Toshiba. I ended up purchasing the Toshiba 50l4300u. Good price for a 50" 120hz smart tv with a very nice picture. but they really only offered a hand full of sets. Basically the same set with and without the smart features. I see in other markets Toshiba has some very nice offerings. Why? What happened to them here in the US? From what I've heard, their PC line isn't that great, with high repair rates.

quattroG's Avatar quattroG 09:03 AM 10-10-2013
Wow, I guess the lack of views and or comments explains my question.
colour's Avatar colour 05:43 PM 10-10-2013
In my opinion Toshiba has always been a step below in the TV market. I also think it has a lot to do with marketing. I never cared for anything Samsung but they're pretty much at the top of the TV market at this time. I refuse to buy Sony and they're struggling in every market. Mitsubishi used to be at the top, my Hitachi crt was at the top. I guess it just depends on how much companies put into a given market and what the consumer is looking for. I do have 3 Toshiba laptops and they've been problem free.

You could probably ask the same question for many brands.
dfp's Avatar dfp 10:32 AM 10-11-2013
I think it began as a horse race in 2005 when the companies began to improve the performance of the bland LCD displays. Sony was good, but always cost a little more and I think it hurt them in sales. LG had a very good picture initially, and Samsung was a close second, followed by Toshiba and Sharp. All sets had problems with clouding, flashlights, smearing, and, in 2007, features became available to improve motion. Samsung stumbled with automotion plus which created the tri-ball effect, in which a forward pass displayed three footballs. Toshiba had a set that was called the green monster, because the green couldn't be toned down. Sharp had a problem I can't recall, only the refrain, friends don't let friends buy Sharp.

As the years passed, I think Samsung must have had more resources to devote, because they developed sets with a gorgeous picture, flooded the market with new (sometimes buggy) features, a wide variety of models, and regularly released new models twice a year. LG played it conservatively in terms of features and models, and the other brands didn't seem to keep up. Currently, Display Search reports Samsung has 28% of the market followed by LG at 15%, and Sony at 8%, followed by all the rest, none higher than 6%.

During this time, Toshiba was also developing computers, which the others weren't into yet, and which have a very good reputation. Possibly they didn't have as many resources to devote to TVs.
quattroG's Avatar quattroG 01:48 PM 10-11-2013
funny I just found this article which was posted just a few days ago and basically spells out what is going on with Toshiba. Massive layoffs in their TV division.

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