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sofakng's Avatar sofakng 08:33 PM 10-17-2013
Is it possible to get a decent 65" (or 70") for under $2,000 ?

I know I can get garbage... (Best Buy sells a 65" Dynex for VERY cheap but of course it's going to be junk)

My only requirement is passive 3D. Right now I have a 50" Panasonic plasma and I love it, but the active 3D hurts my eyes. Also, this 65" - 70" is going in the basement so it's a different room and not replacing the Panasonic.

So... is there any 65" for $1,500 or anything in that price range that would be considered "good" ?

Phil17108's Avatar Phil17108 08:09 AM 10-18-2013
Friends don't let friends walk in to best bay. I think Vizio has something in there m series that would work for you, try the web site and then Google it for price. the street price for a 65 is 18 hundred and 22 for the 70 inch, both are passive 3D and smart sets. I understand they are very popular. I have a 65 inch Vizio that was there first passive 3D and we enjoy it very much doing pay per view on DirecTV. AND NO
sofakng's Avatar sofakng 08:17 AM 10-18-2013
I used to work for Best Buy (before "Geek Squad") but I absolutely know what you mean, heh.

However, Amazon charges sales tax in my state and the Vizio's are exactly the same price from both retailers so if I do purchase it, I'd rather buy it locally in case of any problems.

Based on some research, it seems like LG is better than Vizio (but both use LG panels), but it looks like LG doesn't make 65" or 70" TVs any longer?

I've narrowed down my requirements, and I definitely want 65" or 70" and passive 3D so the Vizio seems like a top choice...
Phil17108's Avatar Phil17108 08:26 AM 10-18-2013
I googled it and the price was from wally world and I live in a tax state but I can't remember paying a sales tax on amazon but that's OK the wife says I have CRS
just for the heck of it I just placed but did not complete an amazon order for this set about 1650 with shipping and estimated sales tax of $0.00 ?
sofakng's Avatar sofakng 10:04 AM 10-18-2013
I'm not sure how Amazon collects taxes, but they definitely charge me sales tax. I clicked through the checkout and they show me around $125 (6%) sales tax.

Anyways, I'm now leaning towards the 65" inch. I don't think specific price-talk is allowed (???) but the 70" is almost 25% more expensive for an extra five inches. That's quite expensive for such a small increase in size...
andy sullivan's Avatar andy sullivan 10:09 AM 10-18-2013
I've seen the Sony 70R550A at Fry's for under $1700 several times. Best feature is it's a Passive 3D TV and does a superb job of showing 3D. It also allows for a direct hook up with Directv and has a nice set of smart features.
RockmanX's Avatar RockmanX 02:57 AM 10-19-2013
Was about to say since you want passive I mean its Sony or vizio take your pick lol
watsonusn's Avatar watsonusn 01:40 PM 10-19-2013

I am shopping for a 65-70'' myself (55 doesnt cut it at 16 feet viewing distance) & this caught my eye. CNET tends to review LG with a bad bias, no clue why. I have 3 LG sets, 2 3d & 1 non 3d. Price to performance, I dont think they can be beat at all.

That Sony 70R550A was actually on sale at frys awhile back for 1299. I would have snapped it up in a heart beat, though I am only purchasing as a stop gap until I save up enough for a projector setup. (going all out, AT screen, paint, 5.1 etc.)

The only other 65'' that makes sense to me is the new Sony 65W850, but it is out of your price range. PCMALL has had it for 350 under the current sale price & amazon will (hit or miss) price matched it, but PCMALL is currently out of stock. I saw it earlier this week at FRYS & I think its just as gorgeous the XBR series.

Being this close to Black Friday & Cyber Monday I would just hold out...
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