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Kudzu Farmer's Avatar Kudzu Farmer 09:17 AM 10-21-2013

Hi everyone,


As a novice television person I need suggestion with the purchase of either of the above.

Currently I have a Sony 40Z5100 that works well. Since my birthday is this weekend my wife and kids want to buy me a newer television. I've looked at the reviews on both and it gets confusing if you're really not a television educated kind of guy.


So I know that on here you guys are at the top of your game. Which would be my best selection for great picture quality, ease of use and so on.


Here are a few thing to consider: it's going on the living room wall

I can sort of control lighting

viewing distance is right at 8 feet.

no angle viewing.

it will replace the 40 inch


any suggestion will be appreciated.



SonyPhila's Avatar SonyPhila 11:30 AM 10-21-2013
If these two are your choices, you would be better off with the W802A. Due to the better picture quality and better colors, you would be more happy with this set. The pricing between the two is $949.99 for the KDL50R550A and $1,099.99 for the KDL47W802A. Not that much of a difference in price so its up to you.
Kudzu Farmer's Avatar Kudzu Farmer 02:49 PM 10-22-2013



Thanks for the suggestion on the two sets I mentioned.

I was leaning toward the 802A and now I will put it at the top of the list.

Hopefully a few other will throw in a thought on the question.




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