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11-18-2013 | Posts: 37
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Have been looking at the TV's below pretty seriously. I'm not concerned with Smart functions as I'll be using my GoogleTV for that. Looking for best picture (particularly blacks) that won't break the bank. Bright(er) room so not leaning heavily toward plasma (I realize those have better blacks and picture overall).

60" Sharp LC-60LE650 - $1,090 on Amazon

58" Panasonic TC-L58E60 - $998 on Amazon

55" Vizio M551d-A2R - $1,048 on Amazon

I've been using CNet pretty heavily (obviously) but would welcome any recommendations on the TV's above, or any models that might not be on the list.

I have a Samsung UND556000 that my son broke prematurely (d'oh) - I really like it but the blacks aren't very good and there is some nice flashlighting on dark screens (guess that's pretty common with some of these edge lit TV's?) - I know that may be an issue with some of the TV's in this price range, so really just looking for the "least" amount of this...

Thanks in advance!

- Joel
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11-18-2013 | Posts: 37
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Bump for advice/recommendations
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11-20-2013 | Posts: 14
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Originally Posted by mole351 View Post

Bump for advice/recommendations

Can't comment on the Panasonic, but I owned and returned the 55" Vizio M-Series due to excessive screen reflections.

I replaced it with a Sharp 60" 757 series which cost about $300 more but its bigger, the overall build of the unit and picture quality (once calibrated and tweeked a bunch) is better than the Vizio.

The Sharp 650 series from what I read in reviews has the same panel / picture quality as the 757 but lacks 3D and some other advanced features.
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11-21-2013 | Posts: 9
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If you can wait until Black Friday, Best Buy has a 65" Samsung for $999, and Walmart has a 70" Vizio for $998. Major bang for your buck over the options you posted.
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11-21-2013 | Posts: 133
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No recommendations, but I'm in a similar position, looking for a 60-65" TV that I would like to pick up in the next week, so I will hijack your thread if that's ok. I have trouble going over the $1000 mark, but if $1250 gets me more than 25% increase in "performance" over $1000 I'll consider it. For reference I have a Mitz 60C9 which I'm wholly satisfied with, however I need to replace it with something wall mountable.

I have a projector for dark room movie watching, so I guess I value brightness over black levels (cringe). That said I tried (and failed) to get amazon to price match Fry's on the P60ST60, so Plasmas aren't totally ruled out. Being an HTPC user IR makes me nervous.

My requirements:

Good off angle viewing (certainly no worse than my DLP)

I do not require Smart features as I use an HTPC as mentioned. I doubt I will use the built in speakers

Due to the requirement for good viewing angles, I have been generally looking at the ever decreasing pool of direct-lit LED TVs - although I find these don't always give the excellent viewing angles I would expect.


Seiki SE65JY25 65-Inch - seen as low as $850
The only thing attracting me to this TV is the price. There are no reviews on the internet. It is direct-lit and Seiki don't have a terrible reputation. 240Hz is a bit of a gimmick.

LG 60LN5600 - seen as low as $930
Looks like a solid choice, but scared by the limited reviews available.

Samsung UN60FH6003 - seen as low as $830
Could be my perfect TV, customer reviews are good, at $830 the price is right. It is unusually chunky for wall mounting (nearly 4" thick).

Samsung UN65EH6000 - as low as $999
Amazon BF deal, so might be impossible to get. Is this basically the same as the FH6003? Customer reviews online are very encouraging, but CNET gave it a bad review (mentioning bad viewing angles specifically). Is this due to the "Samsung Panel Lottery"?

Disqualified (feel free to make me reconsider):

VIZIO E601i-A3
I haven't been too impressed with what I've seen of the Vizio, although I might be tempted to pick up the 70" for $999 on black friday. Viewing angles seemed poor.

Sharp LC60LE550U/650U
Edge-lit and poorly received (

I would really appreciate input from people who have experience with these models.
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11-21-2013 | Posts: 37
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Problem I've seen with the FH6003 is the number of inputs, but mainly there is no audio need an hdmi splitter with audio out if you're not going to use the built in speakers.

Everything I've read lends to the Sharp 650 having the best picture quality (especially blacks) for its size and price...big knock being the off-axis viewing, but I can't tell much of a difference in a darker (Best Buy) room. Would rather have backlit obviously but the edge-lit issues seem to be pretty minor on this set by and large (of course you have some sets worse than others). It's on CNets top LED TV list as well.

I've ruled out the VIzio as I can now get the Sharp for under $1k.

The EH6000 is interesting...need to do more research on that one.

Don't know much about the other 2.

For what it's worth
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11-21-2013 | Posts: 133
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I appreciate your feedback. Do you know if the Sharp 550 and 650s use the same panel? I've assumed they did based on the stuff I've seen online and this sort of suggests they do:

Most of the negativity I've seen seems to be directed at the 550 as opposed to the 650 though, so who knows. Do you need the smart features the 650 adds?

As for the downside of the FH6003, the TV will be driven off my receiver so I need just one input and no audio (fortunately), but I can see how that would be a problem for some.

EDIT: Well I was convinced to buy the 60LN5600 in another thread (I'll admit I didn't take much convincing). It ticks all my boxes (if you know what I mean wink.gif). I was able to price match at Amazon so picked it up for $929, which I don't think is an earth shattering deal, but it's not bad and saves me having to deal with BF stress.
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11-22-2013 | Posts: 37
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I'm 95% sure I'm going with the Sharp in light of the reduction in price...only way I think I'll be getting something else would be if I can luck into one of the BB (65" Samsung) or Walmart (70" Vizio) BF specials...which I'm not waiting in line for so 99% sure I won't be getting those.

So this thread can effectively go by the wayside!
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