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lamplighter's Avatar lamplighter 06:24 PM 11-21-2013
Anyone know whats in it?

GavJenko's Avatar GavJenko 09:32 AM 11-22-2013

Dunno but when I installed it my netflix, crackle and all the premium channels I used disappeared.  Can't get them back.  Haven't been able to troubleshoot it yet but I would avoid if I were you....

Aaron Warbrick's Avatar Aaron Warbrick 12:26 PM 11-22-2013
I think the last guys experience is isolated, because I haven't heard or seen that anywhere else yet.

Almost all other users are reporting better blacks with more even back-lighting, such as much less flashlight glow from the edge of the screen. Which I fully agree with, Blacks and backlighting are in fact better on my XXLM7600

Guy, Please try not to be an alarmist that warns people not to do something when they hadn't yet asked if anyone else has had that problem.
And all I can suggest is clicking the "Initialization of Premium" button under the support menu.

EDIT - Also look out for a setting under the 'OPTION' menu called "Collection of Watching Info"
Turn it off unless you want LG and the NSA knowing whats being watched on your TV / USB drive (if connected to tv) / or your DLNA servers (only repeating what ive read online in quite a few places) Just switch off that setting and wait for another update soon to have that feature removed.
GavJenko's Avatar GavJenko 01:16 PM 11-22-2013

Yes, you're advise is good.  My problem is probably due to the fact that I bought my 47LS5700 in the US and use it in Europe.  Its probably some new security check or bug that only affects me - v annoying though.  Resetting the premium brings the premium icons back until the TV connects to the internet and they then disappear.

Aaron Warbrick's Avatar Aaron Warbrick 01:27 PM 11-22-2013
Sorry for semi-hijacking your thread OP,

Try changing under the OPTION menu, in Smart TV Settings the Country choice if you have it to USA maybe?. I do this because I use the UnoTelly service and it works great on the smart tv for accessing US netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon instant, etc etc. (hope Im allowed to mention that here) :-) 5 bucks a month and I never had problems like with

I went off key there but yah try changing the country and see what happens?
lamplighter's Avatar lamplighter 05:58 AM 11-25-2013
I havent seen much of a difference...I did check off the spy option..I guess a way of them admiting they got caught..and they always do
lamplighter's Avatar lamplighter 09:27 AM 11-25-2013
Getting a new one today..6.00.01 to 6.00.11
Ratman's Avatar Ratman 10:43 AM 11-25-2013
What's in it? biggrin.gif
Aaron Warbrick's Avatar Aaron Warbrick 11:14 AM 11-25-2013
I haven't downloaded it yet, but I'm pretty sure its just the removal of the data collection thing. I hope so at least :-P
lamplighter's Avatar lamplighter 08:47 PM 11-25-2013
Well its still listed as opt in or out
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