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New firmware

Hey guys, Toshiba released a new firmware yesterday v7.

It seems newer than the HDMI 2.0 patch on Toshiba's site, but no change log. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by zazzn View Post
So anyone else have any feed back on the unit since it's been quite a while now?
I found an openbox unit at costco for 2300$, I don't think i can pass it up for that price... I returned the plasma I bought there, and had bought a UN65EH6000F from fry's which was a display model with 404 hours on it for 930$ (stellar price). But after seeing the deal at costco, and the fact that there is now HDMI 2.0, I think it makes the buy a no brainer. The only thing that concerned me when I was watching the TV at costco was the fact that scrolling text on this unit didn not look as clear as the text on the 240HZ samsung. The stream was only 1080P, but still, does anyone have issues with blurring on action movies and what not?
Honestly, I would pass. It not a bad TV, it is just that Toshiba replacement for it, the 65L9400U, should be so much better. On sale it should be close to $2995.
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Just bought this tv, i've had it for a month, here's my review:

The Good;
The TV looks very good with the cinema clearscan feature, kinda looks 3d without the 3d. I have calibrated it various ways and am always moving one thing or another, and the image keeps getting better and better, If you want my calibration settings just message me, I used the avs calibration disc. The 3D is extremely good, hopefully when I get the hdmi 2.0 content all 3d movies will look like the hobbit's 48fps, it's crystal clear and you can use the theater's glasses.

The Bad;
The picture on some movies that are too fast, the cinema clearscan can't keep up and the edge of the object, whether its a car or someone running, you can see a pixelated square surrounding it, but if you change it to standard clearscan it goes away but it loses the 3d-like feature. The black level sometimes is weird, when watching The Wolverine, you can tell all of the black tones on wolverine's clothes at the funeral scene, but when it's a dark scene, some black blend together, I think i still have to mess around with the calibration to get this setting just right. The apps it has are, let's say if you surfed the net on dial-up, you'll get it, it's not that it loads the apps slow, it's that you take 5 minutes to search or view for something you want, with or without the keyboard.

The Ugly;
4k content we got, we don't want, 4k content we want, we don't got.

I got this tv for 2,300 bucks over at amazon with a 2 year payment plan and 5 year warranty, I bought this tv because i wanted to upgrade my Mitsubishi 65" dlp 3dtv, and I am a 3D lover, so that's what won my approval on this tv, picture is very good, 3d is the best there is anywhere, and if the hdmi 2.0 players turn up, this will be THE tv you'd want.
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What's the verdict on this TV?
Not much info around.

I ask because Costco has the 65L9300U for $1499.
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Price dropped to 1299 now at Costco. Torn between this and the new Vizio E700i-B3 70". Assuming I don't care about 3d, and given my viewing distance is 15 feet, do I go for bigger or for better quality?
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The Costco price is tempting. Can this TV stream Netflix 4K? What about Amazon prime?
Any comparison to a non-4K Samsung? I would love 4k up scaling, but I can't decide if I should go with a good 1080p instead.
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I purchased this from costco, has anyone else noticed a long 'startup' time for the TV? I feel like it takes a while to boot into any input when it starts up.
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What is the resolution of the living world? It can't be much higher than 4K.
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