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Cr00kid's Avatar Cr00kid 02:27 PM 01-16-2014
I am new here so please be easy on me if this is a regurgitated topic. I tried searching for this and I'm sure someone has asked it before but I'm finding it difficult to find specific calibration settings for this LED for gaming.

I recently picked this up as my main gaming LED since it has low respond time, 60Hz (any more is a waste of money for gaming) and stellar reviews.

However, I have no idea what I am doing with calibration. I tried using XBOX ONE's calibration walkthrough but I butchered my screen and had to reset to default. The image looks great but I'm sure I can get it better especially with color accuracy and I know how much a well calibrated TV can make a difference.

If anyone could post optimal settings for each option I would greatly appreciate it. The only thing I know how to do correctly is turning game mode on, lol.

The TV is 6 inches above eye level in a well lit room about 24 ft x 24 ft. I do like to play with the lights off occasionally.

Thanks and sorry again. frown.gif

Cr00kid's Avatar Cr00kid 08:44 AM 01-17-2014
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