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babermac 03-10-2014 11:44 AM

Hey folks,


Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to how Sony's new 40w600b is likely to compare to last year's 32w650a.


All the reviews seemed to suggest that the 32w650a delivered very "high end" performance for a 32-inch TV, with very solid build construction and a great picture. In other words, it seemed to warrant the high price tag of $600 or more in a category full of $300 TV's.


By comparison, this year's 40-inch w600b, at $499, would seem to be a lower end unit, just looking at the numbers. But then again, the list of specifications is almost identical to that of the w650a. Could the lower price (for an even larger screen) be attributable to cheaper materials in the construction of the unit? Or is there some lower-end technology in there that isn't jumping out from the spec sheets.


I know this new unit hasn't shipped yet, so no one can really speak from first hand experience. I was just curious if someone like myself, who is in the market for a high quality television on the smaller end of the screen size spectrum, ought to jump on last year's 32w650a (currently $549 on Amazon), or hold out for this 2014 40-incher.


For a bit of background, I am about to return my third consecutive Vizio m401i-a3 for a flickering LED. It's an issue I just can't tolerate, so I'm giving up on Vizio. I realize it may actually just be the result of black frame insertion used to replicate a 120Hz refresh rate, but the fact that you can't turn that feature off makes it a deal breaker. It seems like the Sony at least allows you to disable that feature ("LED Motion Mode").






bionicbuk 03-14-2014 10:59 AM

I've been wondering the same thing. 


I called a local specialty store the other day with a similar question, he mentioned how Sony has outsourced all TVs under >50".  Not sure if this goes back to 2012/2013 models but the w600b would be from "O'Reilly".  I can't confirm the company because I wasn't able to find any further details online.  How true?  Wish I knew 


Very interested to read the discussion of those more knowledgeable.



tubetwister 03-14-2014 11:14 PM

I have a 2013 Sony 40R450A it's made by Foxconn in Mexico and has a Samsung SPVA panel it has a decent picture once you set it right .

Sony's been outsourcing TV's to Foxconn for years they make the PS3,PS4,Xbox
iPhones,iPads,iTunes,Macbooks etc.etc, ll the Bravias are Foxconn .
Foxconn is probably one of the more capable OEM/ODM

Going forward Sony is planing to outsource at least 70% of it's TV sets soon just like Toshiba ,Panasonic ,etc.
TPV will ship 16.85 million LCD TVs with Philips and Vizio to be major clients, followed by Foxconn with 7.2 million units and Sony to be the major client, Compal with 4.3 million units mainly to Toshiba, Wistron with 3.6 million units mainly to Vizio, Amtran with two million units mainly to Sharp and Vizio, and Pegatron with 1.2 million units mainly to Toshiba, Digitimes Research indicated.
By : Tom Lo

This article is an excerpt from a Chinese-language Digitimes Research report.
After continued losses in the past few years, major Japanese TV brands have adjusted operation strategies for 2014. Sony, for example, has announced to spin off its TV business in July, and will turn to placing mainly original equipment manufacturing (OEM) TV orders, rather than Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) as before. Sharp will license its TV brand to BestBuy in the U.S. market, in which the Japanese vendor will focus on vending over-60-inch TV models. Toshiba's global TV shipments shrank in 2013, but Taiwanese company Compal acquired Toshiba's Polish assembly plant in late last year, and aims to ship some four million TVs to Toshiba in 2014.
By: Quincy Liang

By placing OEM TV orders that means OEM mfr. Not Sony may be designing the sets that are outsourced as OEM. Lots of brands have been doing that lately. .
An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, manufactures products or components that are purchased by another company and retailed under that purchasing company's brand name.[1] OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product.
-wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_equipment_manufacturer

arshapro 05-12-2014 02:21 PM

Has anyone been able to check out the two sets? I am trying to decide between them also.


Babermac, did you go with one over the other?

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