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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post

What is "CATS"?
Constant Automatic Tracking System - Adjusts Brightness and gradation according to Room's ambient lighting.

All Panasonic TVs have this (well at least all my Panasonic's since the S2 Plasma ). Whenever I've read pro's recommendations for settings, they always recommend it to be off. When I turned CATS on in a semi-dark room (bedroom with heavy curtains) it makes a TV picture, that I had already applied my own settings, MUCH darker and darker than I would watch it at.

I've been playing with my settings and have now set the Backlight up from 30 to 60. When I set the TV to CNET recommendation (3), I see very little differences in setting contrast and the white looked a little gray to me. Setting the BackLight to 60 gives me much better results in a "true" white and with the color clipping especially blues and reds.

While running more tests from the AVS 709, I noticed some clouding on the greys (but, both white and black do _NOT_ have this problem).

I am now restarting my testing after setting the Backlighting to 60.

Here is a complete list of all my settings:
--Picture menu
Picture mode: Custom
Backlight: 30 (Cnet recommendation: 3)
Contrast: 82 (Cnet: 94)
Brightness: +4 (Cnet: 0)
Color: 50
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0
Color temp: Warm 2
Vivid Color: Off
Adaptive backlight control: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off
Video NR: Off
Motion picture setting: Off

-- Pro settings submenu
Contrast A.I.: Off
Contrast A.I setting [greyed out]

W/B detail adjustment menu:
W/B high R: -3
W/B high G: -1
W/B high B: 3
W/B low R: 3
W/B low G: 3
W/B low B: -4

Color detail adjustment menu:
Red hue: 0
Red Saturation: 0
Red luminance: 0
Green hue: 0
Green Saturation: 0
Green luminance: 0
Blue hue: -1
Blue Saturation: -3
Blue luminance: 0

Gamma detail adjustment menu:
Gamma: 2.2

--Advanced picture submenu
3:2 pulldown: Auto [often grayed out depending on source]
HDMI content type: [all Off]
HDMI/DVI RGB range: [all Standard (16-235)]
Black level: Light
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Constant Automatic Tracking System - Adjusts Brightness and gradation according to Room's ambient lighting.
Another marketing gimmick that is turned off.
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I'm also interested in the TC-55AS680U model, but I can't seem to find very much information on it. I'm trying to decide between this one or one of the Vizio M or possibly a P Series sets. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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I tried to demo a couple Panny sets, but all were in this store (retail) demo mode. The rocket scientist teenaged "associate" claimed that they can not be switch over. (I think someone 'texted' her. )
Without a remote, how can these be switch out of retail mode with the PIP layout?
I can see why they aren't popular, how can you sell sets, if they can't be demonstrated properly??
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Hello thread. If this is in the wrong place Im sorry. I searched for a AS530 only forum and this was as close as I found. Anyway on to the question.

After the recent earthquake we had here in Napa, California we lost 2 out of 4 of our flat screens. Both 50" Samsung plasmas. After a lot of research, exchanging, etc. we ended up replacing both with TS-50AS530U's. I use my set alot with movies I have on hard drives, so having a good media player was important. Well I didnt find out until after we had them that they wont play .avi's. So we have been using external USB players for avi files. After some reading I found out that avi is just a container, and not the movies actual format? So is there anyway other than reencoding the entire movie to get it to play on the smart app media player? I know it plays mkv and mp4 just fine. Thanks and sorry if stupid question. Still learning.
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Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U

Consumer Reports (CR) overall weighted score = 69

CR's Take
This 55-inch 1080p LCD TV from Panasonic offers excellent high-definition picture quality, though its 3D performance was a bit below average. It also has a fairly wide viewing angle for an LCD set, very good anti-blur performance, and a good number of features, including Panasonic's updated Life+ Screen smart TV platform, with a browser, access to apps, and online content. A Swipe and Share app lets you send content back and forth from compatible mobile devices. This model comes with two sets of passive 3D glasses.

• Excellent HD image detail
• Excellent color accuracy
• Wide viewing angle
• Low ghosting in 3D mode

• Ineffective local dimming feature
• 3D ghosting varies with vertical viewing angle
• Image resolution in 3D mode is half 1080p HD

Detailed test results

PICTURE QUALITY. This model had excellent high-definition picture quality. It did an excellent job displaying the finest detail. Color accuracy was excellent, so colors looked very natural and lifelike. Contrast--the difference between the darkest blacks and brightest whites--was good, so images had depth and dimension, typical of most models we test. The brightness level was good, making it a suitable choice for most rooms. Depth of black level was good, with negligible enhancement provided by Panasonic's "Adaptive Backlight Control." In scenes with subtly shaded light-to-dark areas, such as a sky during sunset, the TV did a very good job producing a smooth transition without distinct, coarse bands. Film mode operation for HD film-based content was excellent, with no visible jaggies along the edges of objects during motion scenes. Deinterlacing was very good, with minimal jaggies visible when converting 1080i video content, such as from cable, to the display's native resolution.

VIEWING ANGLE. This Panasonic has a wide viewing angle overall, better than that of most LCDs. It will provide the same picture quality, with fewer problems than most LCD sets, for typical viewing conditions--say, if your family is seated across a long sectional or in chairs off to the sides of the TV.
With brighter scenes, like sporting events, the display did a fine job maintaining accurate colors and decent contrast whether we moved off to the sides or were viewing from above or from below screen. The picture did show some dimming from the sides but not to any point we found distracting. With dark scenes the display didn't fare quite as well. When viewed from the sides, the depth of black levels varied depending on the vertical position of the viewer's head. As we moved closer to the screen this limitation became even more apparent, especially if seated on the floor looking upward where black levels brightened significantly. This display's wide viewing angle is best appreciated when viewed at eye level to the screen.

MOTION BLUR. This Panasonic TV has very good motion performance, with minimal blurring on our motion tests, thanks to Panasonic's Motion picture setting. This feature is designed to reduce motion blur, a shortcoming of most LCD TVs. With the feature turned off, motion performance was only fair, with significant blurring on our motion tests.

SCREEN REFLECTIVITY. Though not as mirror-like as on some LCDs, this screen surface is glossy and therefore susceptible to reflections from a nearby lamp or window. The screen is dark so it does a good job reducing glare from ambient light and maintains contrast even in a bright room.

3D PERFORMANCE. The overall 3D effect was only good, a notch below the better 3D displays. 3D images showed effective depth, with minimal levels of ghosting (left eye/right eye crosstalk) on our 3D test patterns and on a wide variety of 3D program content. There was an increase in ghosting when we viewed 3D images from above or below eye level, which got worse as you move closer to the TV. Images conveyed half 1080p, or 540 lines of resolution to each eye; there was visible loss of vertical detail when compared to models capable of 3D at full 1080p. 3D image content showed visible jaggies and moire on fine detail due to the absence of half of the lines.

SOUND QUALITY. This TV's sound is good, fine for typical TV programming, but won't reproduce the full range of movie soundtracks and music. It has a good volume range. At more typical listening levels the TV's sound has only decent bass and impact, and is bright sounding. All told, none of these issues were overly distracting and most will find this sound quality acceptable.

EASE OF USE. Overall, we found the set easy to use. Setting up the TV for the first time was straightforward, as was access to features and controls you'll probably adjust only once. Ease of access to features you typically use more often was very good. Also, the remote is satisfactory, and the on-screen menu is easy to navigate.
Remote has a dedicated button to access Internet features, and to access 3D, and to access Internet features. The remote's major function buttons were sufficiently large and have high-contrast labeling, making them easier to see and navigate. Labeling uses non standard icons making button selection less intuitive to use. We found the set responds slowly to commands from the remote.

STAND ASSEMBLY. Mounting the TV to the included support stand is fairly straightforward. The stand requires the assembly of a few parts before mounting.

INTERNET FEATURES. This TV provides advanced Internet capability. Features include a full Web browser and access to a library of applications via "Apps Market." Movie streaming services include: Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Movies by Flixster, Netflix, Target Ticket, Vudu. It also supports an optional Web cam for access to video conferencing applications such as Skype.

CONNECTIONS. This TV includes three HDMI inputs, one shared connection between the component and composite inputs (which means you can only use one type or the other at a time), optical digital audio out, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, Wi-Fi (via yes USB adapter), and a Secure Digital memory card slot. Wireless connectivity includes: DLNA network file sharing. HDMI and analog cable connections made to the rear-facing panel will protrude beyond the panel's slim depth.

INCLUDED IN THE BOX. The TV comes with: a printed user manual, an electronic manual in the TV's menu, a quick start guide, two remotes with batteries, and two pairs of 3D glasses.


Our expert TV testers recommend the following settings for the Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U to get your image looking like the rated picture quality we saw in our lab.

Accessing the picture controls is simple; find the Menu, Home, or Settings button on your remote (name varies with manufacturer), and navigate to the picture settings menu where you'll see most of the controls. To find some other controls you may additionally have to enter the "advanced settings" or the "picture options" sub menus (name may vary depending on model). Don't worry about making any "mistakes." You can always reset the picture settings to factory default if necessary. Consult your user manual for additional guidance.


Picture Mode: Custom
Contrast (Picture): 90
Brightness: 0
Color: 58
Tint: 2
Sharpness: 0
Color Temperature: Warm 2
Backlight: 62
Aspect Ratio: Full (overscan = Off), H size = Size 1
Miscellaneous: Adaptive backlight control = On, Motion picture setting = Weak, Gamma = 2.2, 3:2 pulldown = Auto, Back level = Light (All remaining settings set to OFF, or 0)
TV FIRMWARE. All TVs are evaluated using the latest firmware version available at the time of testing.
Firmware version for Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U is: 2.057

ABOUT CR's OPTIMIZED PICTURE SETTINGS: Our fine-tuned picture adjustments are made with the support of special test patterns and reference videos to yield best image fidelity, and a professionally calibrated reference HDTV is used for comparison. Whether you are watching movies on Blu-ray or sports from your cable box these settings will ensure you are seeing the programs in the best quality this display can offer, short of a professional calibration. To optimize the image we typically turn off (or turn down) the settings from features that can often degrade performance, including; power saving modes (which often dim the image), sharpness, noise reduction (also known as DNR, a feature that can degrade image detail), and "motion smoothing", if present (an effect that can give movies a soap opera, video-like appearance). Optimal settings for your TV may vary a bit from ours due to slight variations between similar TV samples, or the firmware version of the TV's software.
ABOUT CR'S TV VIEWING CONDITIONS: Our picture settings are optimized for a dimmer home viewing environment. If the settings we recommend don't suit your taste or your environment, use the picture controls to achieve an image you consider "just right."
ABOUT FIRMWARE VERSION: Our test results and picture settings are valid for the version of firmware indicated. If your TV's firmware differs from the one shown you either have an older or a newer version of firmware. Manufacturers may periodically upgrade the TV's firmware to enhance operation, fix bugs, or add features. Firmware upgrades may be downloadable directly to your TV via a wired or wireless network (if internet capable), USB port, or memory card, depending on your TV's capability. You can check your TV's firmware version, or upgrade to the latest firmware by pressing the menu button on your remote and navigating to the appropriate submenu, typically under settings. Consult the user manual or manufacturer's website if further guidance is needed.

About - Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U
The Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U is a 55-inch LCD HDTV with a native resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p). This TV has a 3D mode that requires the use of special glasses to see three-dimensional images. It has LED backlighting, a more energy-efficient type of backlighting. Rather than the basic 60Hz, it has a faster 1500Hz frame rate, a feature designed to reduce motion blur.
This model is Internet-enabled and can access online content, including streaming movie and TV services. It has an Ethernet jack for a wired connection to your home network via a cable. This TV is also Wi-Fi capable, so you can connect it to your home network wirelessly. It is DLNA certified, so you can view digital photos stored on a compatible computer, phone, or other mobile device also connected to your home network.
There are 4 HD-capable inputs: 3 HDMI and 1 component-video, which doubles as a composite-video input. It also has 2 USB ports, which may be used to play media--photos, videos, and music--stored on a flash drive.
The Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U measures 30.2 inches high by 49 inches wide by 11.5 inches deep, including its base. The panel itself is 2.2 inches thick including any protrusions, and the screen has a glossy finish. The bezel framing the screen is gloss silver and black
The warranty on this TV covers parts/labor for 12/12 months, respectively.
About This Brand
Panasonic continues to expand its VIERA line of LED-based LCD TVs, adding more models and announcing a growing line of Ultra High Definition LCD TVs ranging from 55 inches to 85 inches.
Once the market leader in plasma TVs, Panasonic has exited that market for 2014.
Read our Brand Reliability

Features & Specs - Panasonic Viera TC-55AS650U

info Native resolution 1920x1080
info Overall height (in.) 30.2
info Overall width (in.) 49
info Overall depth (in.) 11.5

info Other sizes in brand line Viera TC-60AS650U (60"), Viera TC-50AS650U (50")

info Screen shape (aspect ratio) 16:9
info Screen finish Glossy
info Digital Tuner (Off-air ATSC and Cable QAM) 1
info Panel size without base HxWxD (in.) 28.4 x 49 x 2.2
info Weight including base (lb.) 43
info Swivel base No
info Bezel finish/color Gloss silver and black
info Warranty (months): parts/labor/in-home 12/12/12


info Frame rate (Hz) 1500, 60
info Wi-Fi Yes
info 3D-capable Yes
info 3D type Passive
info Number of 3D glasses included 2
info Internet-enabled Yes
info Streaming video services Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Movies by Flixster, NetFlix, Target Ticket, Vudu
info Web browser Yes
info Web camera capable Optional
info DLNA-certified Yes
info PIP (no. of tuners) No

info HDMI inputs 3
info Component-video 0
info Component/Composite-video shared inputs 1
info Composite-video 0
info USB port 2
info VGA input No
info Ethernet port Yes
info Digital-audio output Optical
info Headphone jack (3.5mm audio jack) No
info Memory-card reader Secure Digital
info Other connections None
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Pathetic number of HDMI inputs. I would gladly trade the useless 3d for two more HDMI inputs and/or a Display Port. Can we assume this is a IPS panel?
It appears in this forum, Panny LCD's will not be popular due to them dropping Plasma which is unfortunate since they could and should be a contender to what comes out of S. Korea for a change.

That 1st post needs updating with at least a link to panny's website;

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Does anyone know if the optical output is PCM? I need a headphone jack and NONE of these models come with one. Only way to do it is to get a DAC with a HP out and connect headphone to THAT, but I think in order for that to work, the output has to be PCM, right?
Any wisdom / feedback on this will be much appreciated.
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Originally Posted by dasher123 View Post
Does anyone know if the optical output is PCM? I need a headphone jack and NONE of these models come with one. Only way to do it is to get a DAC with a HP out and connect headphone to THAT, but I think in order for that to work, the output has to be PCM, right?
Any wisdom / feedback on this will be much appreciated.
Yes, you can set the optical out to always be PCM. (By the way, many of the models have Bluetooth, which can be used with compatible devices including Bluetooth-capable headphones, per the user manual.)
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Oh thanks much! I am antsy about pulling the trigger - I guess i can always return it but the 680U for $800 seems very tempting...
Such a shame there's not much info on it at the moment.
Actually I need the HP out to connect a 2.1 Yamaha PC speaker system, which has much better sound that any LCD/LED TV, and it uses a HP out jack - but sometimes I do connect heaphones directly too.
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Pulled the trigger on the AS680U
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Originally Posted by videobruce View Post
Pathetic number of HDMI inputs. I would gladly trade the useless 3d for two more HDMI inputs and/or a Display Port. Can we assume this is a IPS panel?
It appears in this forum, Panny LCD's will not be popular due to them dropping Plasma which is unfortunate since they could and should be a contender to what comes out of S. Korea for a change.


You do realize a lot of people only use 1 HDMI. That's all that's needed when you connect all your components to your receiver. What would be the point of adding display port connection as well on a 1080p set and if you wouldn't care about 3D feature? Panasonic is known for being King in Plasma technology not for their LCD lineup. Until this year they really want to change that with the Panasonic AX900 4K tv.
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Just got mine - Great panel. black uniformity is great, and no flashlighting, banding or clouding.
However, I will do a more thorough test at night, with dark content.
I only did minimal setting up, but for blu ray and roku, GREAT initial PQ so far.
Will do more tweaking.
No motion blur of any kind; all PQ enhancement crap OFF now. However, Pan's Labyrinth BR had a BIT of motion blur. No such effects with Kill Bill BR. will test more BRs later.

Not connected to internet yet - want to connect it WIRED, and ethernet cable I have is not long enough. So FW is not updated yet.
So can't comment on any Smart content.

ONE QUESTION: Where is the option to set Optical Out to PCM? Can't find it in settings under SOUND, but the built in FAQ describes that it can be done...(??)
I need this to connect the optical out to a DAC so i can use the DAC stereo out as a HP jack or connect it to my 2.1 speaker set up.
Does an optical audio cable have to be CONNECTED / present to the TV in order for this option to show up in the menu?

EDIT: chatted with support: the option appears ONLY if you're in TV/ANTENNA input ??? WTH?? does that mean that once I change it there, it only applies to THAT input or what?? I don't need THAT input to be PCM. I need one of the HDMI inputs to have PCM out....
Perhaps it DOES apply to other inputs as well??

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You do realize a lot of people only use 1 HDMI. That's all that's needed when you connect all your components to your receiver.
Those are a minority. It may be the majority here, but that is here. There are far more non HDMI receivers out there and ones that have no receiver at all.
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Have a few questions regarding BR performance with an old Panasonic DMP BD-65

I just bought the Panny AS680U 240Hz LCD TV to replace the old Samsung LN-550A series TV (60 hz) from 2008 or so.

BD65 is set to 1080p and 24 fps, and new Panny TV is set to "True HD 4:4:4" ON. (which the BD65 also supports)

Since then I have noticed following issues when playing BR discs with the BD65:

- "just scan" aspect ratio on Samsung TV was the aspect ratio I had it on, and it was perfect. When selecting "just scan" setting on the new Panny, faces seem to get more oval shaped (skinny); when I select 16:9 it's perfect. How could this be?
- I notice some motion blur on BR discs, more than it did with the Samsung. (I have the "motion picture" setting to OFF on TV, as I don't want Soap Opera effect. But even with it off, shouldn't this be not a problem? ) - also, IDK i am imagining stuff or what, but as the BR disc plays for while, this problem seems to get less and less...i know that sounds weird.
-is my old BD65 having trouble handling a 240Hz tv ??
PQ is great though, no issue with that. But motion is less smooth than with the old TV.
(ALL other sources work great with new TV, laptop and Roku; NO motion blur; this is ONLY with the BD-65)
- The HDMI cable (monoprice premium) IS about 5 yrs old but i don't think that should be a problem... or can it?

To help, here are full specs for the BD65:

I am reluctant to upgrade due to newer BR players not having any analog 2-ch audio outs, which I prefer to use with my home amp, which is a 2-ch amp.

Anyone has any idea what these issues mean? or how I can correct them?
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I noticed that the last yr's remotes were backlit, but this years' are not.
If I get a remote from last yrs' models, (has exact same buttons), will it work with my AS680?

This is the remote I am looking at:

compatibility listed for: TC-L65WT600 , TC-L55DT60 , TC-L47WT60 , TC-L55WT60 , TC-L60DT60
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16:9 is the correct setting and the older remote may work but if you have a smartphone or tablet just download the Vieira app

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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I do have the app, but I was just interested in the back-lit regular remote just because it is nice to have that function and I was used to it from my old TV...
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OK I have an interesting AUDIO problem.

I have a 2-ch stereo amp that I connect everything to. (yeah never got into real HT).

My As680 TV that I just got does NOT have a headphone out or any analog outs for audio.
only has optical out.

So, I connected my old DAC to the optical out (a DAC that can only accept PCM. It's NOT a DAC that can accept dolby 5.1, DTS etc) and tried it using different inputs, where I changed the DIGITAL (optical) AUDIO OUTPUT in each input to PCM (other option is AUTO) and connected the analog outs from DAC to stereo amp:
These are my results:

Roku (set audio output to STEREO beforehand): works
Laptop: works
TV (antenna): works

BUT, when I am in the Panasonic Smart Viera (built in Apps), there's a problem:
These apps work: YouTube, some German News streaming app, etc.
HOWEVER, when I am in AMAZON instant video streaming APP, and playing a movie that's labeled "5.1" for sound, it does NOT work; I only get static, which means it's NOT being converted to PCM, right? (although, while on a movie I have changed the digital out mode to PCM in sound menu, just like I had done for other inputs/sources).
BUT, OLD-ish movies on Amazon app, where they don't have a "5.1" label, DO work, and i get sound out of my stereo amp...

What's going on here? Is the TV not converting 5.1 amazon movies into PCM? if not, why not? (I have it clearly set to PCM, on the digital audio output menu setting WHILE on the app, and did it before and during a movie is playing; did NOT work.)
This can NOT be a problem with the WHOLE Smart platform, because some Apps on it (like youtube and that other News app...) work fine, but I also don't know what type of audio those apps use...

(and like i said, it's not even ALL amazon movies that have this issue, just the ones that have 5.1 audio label in their info)

Should I get a DAC that CAN accept DD 5.1 etc, and try it?
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I have a 2-ch stereo amp that I connect everything to. (yeah never got into real HT) My As680 TV that I just got does NOT have a headphone out or any analog outs for audio. only has optical out.
Did you consider this before you purchased the set? I would of looked for one that had analog audio outs.
What size screen is this, you didn't include the full model number?
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11-22-2014 | Posts: 890
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Oh I knew that AND considered it.
But I had planned on using a DAC to convert optical out to PCM. and as you can see it worked fine, EXCEPT the built in amazon video app.
Model is TC-55AS680U

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