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Exclamation Vizio E better than M
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Originally Posted by proyal View Post
Interesting. The 2013 M series had similar color accuracy issues.
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Having seen the E and M side by side on several occassions, it's not even close to my naked (unprofessional) eye. The M clearly has a better picture.

PS - just post this in the all Vizio model thread, not worth it's own thread IMO.
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Something that is inferior in performance yet has a higher score from a reviewer is better? So if a car review site reviews say a Ferrari and a Nissan 370Z and gives a higher rating to the 370 then that means it's the better performing car. Gotcha.

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The idea is that it didn't reach E levels.
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Or need it's own thread...
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The review itself was horribly plain, in no way really dove into any technical stuff, etc.

As far as I'm concerned, the article was 100% worthless. The fact that all other review sites have stated that the M series is superior (though red levels still had issues) says something about this particular reviewer.
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The M looks better than the E. The M's extra dimming zones and ability to make highlights sparkle allows it to pull ahead. Also, if you are willing to use motion interpolation to increase resolution, it can look quite stunning. Motion processing is vastly improved over other TVs I've seen, Avatar looked fluid as opposed to artificial. Normally I'd never step into the quicksand trap of actually recommending the "soap opera effect," but on the Vizio M I think it could be fun with the right movies; flicks like like Pacific Rim, or animated films.

Anyhow, even without motion processing, I thought the M beat the E because the backlit local dimming was harder to detect on the M than the E. Also, at the 60-inch size I found the M had a wider viewing cone than the E. I found the E's image fell apart rapidly if you don't sit in the center.

Mark Henninger
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I just bought the M602i from Costco. Frankly I'm not impressed with the extra features. The dimming zones are very obvious to me, particularly with moody shows like Hannibal. I leave it off as the baseline blacks win over the distracting zones.

The motion processing may be good compared to other sets but it is very distracting and I generally leave it off.

The apps are fine but when I compared Amazon streaming on a Roku 3 with the Vizio app, the Roku came through with less block artifact, presumably from a higher bitrate. Not exactly scientific but that was my experience.

I do like the picture of the M - contrast, brightness, color (despite the article), and blacks are all acceptable.

So, with all that said, I think I'll return the M for the E800i when it comes out.
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