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Hi all,

I'm looking to buy a ~ 65" TV pretty soon for my living room for up to $2500 or so. I'm not ready to do 4K yet, so what's the best 1080p out there right now?

Thanks in advance!
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Most manufacturers have already decided that their best overall TVs in terms of image quality are going to be 4K anyway going forward.

This year reviewers and people really seem to like the Vizio M-Series, which comes in a 65", and at well below your budget (around $1500).

Were I looking for a strictly 1080p set, I'd probably hunt down either a Sony KDL-65W850A or KDL-65S990A from last year which are clearance priced at fairly huge discounts. The 850 is flat and the 990 is curved with a built-in speaker system -- the design looks fairly cool. I'm not much for the curve and I've never seen the S990 in person, but the few people who own one here seem to like it a lot.

The Samsung H7150 is also a decent option but I'd wager that the picture isn't quite as good as the above-mentioned models.
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