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tempa5 07-20-2014 04:14 PM

Sony 46W905 vs Plasma ZT65
I have Questions in terms of Picture Quality when comparing the 46W905 to the ZT65.

Here the Reviews:

46W905 ---> http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/kdl46...1311263450.htm

ZT65 ---> http://www.hdtvtest.co.uk/news/panas...1305062961.htm

1) Gamma:
For a dark room ( no bias light), how much differance is there between 2.36(W905) vs 2.4(ZT65)
Is it noticable?

To my understanding, everything that is below 3 (delta error ) has perfect Colour accuracy.
Then why does the W905 have a "slightly undersaturated green " even though it is below 3?

ZT goes below 1 but is that not only braging rights? So in theory should there no differances between the w905 and ZT in terms of Colour accuracy?

In Conclusion:

If we showcase a very bright picture on both Tvs ( no black level comparison), should not both Tvs perform equally the same?

The only advantages the ZT has are to my knowledge:

Black Level
Motion Resolution
Standart definition.

Latinoheat 07-20-2014 06:49 PM

It's not even a debate, the ZT is superior in picture quality period. Read the reviews.

Adamd 07-20-2014 06:56 PM

These tv's are not even in the same league. The zt is one of the best tv's ever made. The only this the sony has over it is it will be brighter.

tempa5 07-20-2014 09:22 PM

I am sorry for beeing rude, but did you two even read my argumentation of what i wrote under point 1/2?:mad:

Of course the ZT is superior (hence a lot more expansive).

But you two gave 0 reasons of why.
Especially did not answer my Questions

so ähhh....thanks i guess...:o

Anyway, can someone else help me out here?:rolleyes:

ps; Seriously it appears to me that you only read the headline and threw out something obvious.

TahoeDust 07-20-2014 09:38 PM

I am confused what you are asking. Are you only wanting to know what they will both look like playing bright content? Are you buying a dedicated TV for cartoons?

Black levels impact much more than just PQ when viewing dark content.

There is nothing the Sony does better than a VT65. Even if it gets brighter the contrast will still be better with the VT and picture will have more depth and pop.

tempa5 07-20-2014 09:47 PM

What i want to know are:

1) Is there any visible differance between 2.36 and 2.4 flat gamma trakcing in a dark room?

2) When a tv exhibits blow 3 Delta Errors, isn´t colour accuracy perfect? HDTV listed the green Primary chromaticity as slightly undersaturated. ( the eye can not see a differance below 3)

As for the Bright Picture, in theory:

1)Place both Tvs side by side
2) Display a Picture ( no video!) which is bright, like for example a Town at daytime where the sun shines on it.
3) shouldn´t both Tvs look pretty much the same in terms of colours?

Of course better black level will immerse you more. I think you guys misunderstood me there.

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