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Super Eye's Avatar Super Eye 11:34 PM 08-24-2014
This is a thread on the PROSCAN PLDED4016A.
I don’t know what other size Proscan sets are the same as this. I know the new Proscan sets are now made for Curtis.This is a class 40 inch set.

Here is the official manual for this set.

I know Curtis has an RCA with the same model number using an R instead of a P.
RLDED4016A that can be found here.

Be aware that these sets may have different firmware versions and in fact one PROSCAN PLDED4016A may have a different firmware from another PROSCAN PLDED4016A. I know this for sure because my user menu differs from the one in the official manual online.

So here is my review of my set that I had for a while now.

Controls on TV
On the PROSCAN PLDED4016A the controls are one the right edge.
On the RCA RLDED4016A the controls are on the right front.

Light Source
LED Direct Lit.
Not full array. Not local dimming. (FALD)

Remarkably this is the cheapest LED lit technology and in my opinion gives better results than the more expensive edge lit sets with or without local dimming. The only better preference would be a “full array direct lit set with a way to turn off local dimming but those sets cost much more $$$.


- 3 HDMI (with embedded digital audio)
- 1 VGA (with separate 2 ch analog audio)
- 1 Component (with 2 ch analog audio shared with composite)
- 1 Composite (with 2 ch analog audio shared with component)
- 1 Coax RF
- 1 USB (for service and firmware update only)

- 1 Coax digital audio (multi ch)
- 1 Two ch analog audio (fixed level)
- 1 Two ch analog headphone (variable level)

Like all newer TVs no S-Video but not a bad jack-pack for such an inexpensive TV.

Although not mentioned in the manual this set will play out 50hz including 720x576 PAL
Of course all standard 60Hz sources will work.

Up scaling
I am very surprised how reasonable this TV up scales most content.

Analog to Digital conversion.
This blows me away. As long as you use Component or VGA this set converts A/D without many flaws.

Comb Filter
This is one of the weakest points of the TV. The composite in signal is not very good. Neither is the Analog Cable coax feed. Thankfully I have a multi input DVD recorder that inputs S-video or composite and I can run VCRs through it and output via HDMI.

Viewing angle

As with most LCD TVs the view angle is not so good.

Set Up
I have no instruments for calibration. I used various graphs from calibration discs and you can get black and white levels pretty good without crushing either white or black. The factory set color was over saturated by a lot and I found the only way to use the presets was to go to the service menu and turn down the color there. Once you set the blacks, whites and color this TV looks really good as long as you’re not too far off angle.

User Presets
HDMI, Component, VGA, Analog tuner, Digital tuner all retain their custom user presets. But this is kinda strange. The 3 HDMI inputs will share the same user preset if the input sources are set to the same resolution. Each HDMI input can retain a different user setting for a different resolution. For instance HDMI-1 can have one user setting for 1080i and another user setting for 480p.

The built in speakers sound terrible. The TV does have various options to either external amp (analog and digital) or headphones. The headphone output retains bass, treble, balance, eq, dynamic limiter and of course volume control.

Over scan
The set over scans by 5% on all inputs but VGA, which is dot for dot. Unfortunately there is no way to turn off over scan.

Tint Control
The tint can only be altered in analog tuner mode or composite input mode. The good news is if you really need to change the tint for other inputs you can do so in the “service menu”.

Back Light Control
Unfortunately the only way to control the backlight is in the “service menu”.

IMO the four settings
Dynamic Contrast
MPEG Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction
Film Mode
Should all be set to OFF. For some old SD broadcasts you can try setting NR to low.

Service Mode
It is very easy to get into the Service Mode and some of the features are straight forward. But be forewarned – some of the setting may brick your set so go here on your own risk only. Also as I wrote early on – not all the sets have the same firmware.

Three changes I made:

1 A common complaint I read on line is that PROSCAN PLDED4016A and the RCA RDED4016A have the color over saturated from the factory. I agree. So what I done in the service menu is in each input go to SET UP > Video Curve > and change the “center value”

For HDMI-HD I changed +45 to –45
For HDMI-SD I changed +45 to –30
For Component-SD I changed +45 to –45
For PC I changed +30 to –30
For Analog RF I changed +45 to –42

I also tweaked the center value for bright and cont so now I can actually use the user preset AND standard settings.

2) Back light setting from 100 to 65. Some people may prefer the 100 value, some may prefer around 80. Be careful here if you go to 0 value you won’t see anything on the screen.

3) Static gamma setting from 0 to 2. Again this is a personal preference as I think it adds a little contrast without crushing or washing out anything.

I think this TV looks really good for the $. 1080p and even 1080i and 720p look great once you do minor tweaks. SD looks pretty good as long as you use any input but composite or coax analog cable. I can't comment on ATSC or QAM performance as I use a cable box.

This is a BUDGET set and can be had for under $280 when on sale.

Any questions just ask. If anyone can add to this please do.
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Super Eye's Avatar Super Eye 11:39 PM 08-24-2014
Info I need.

Anyone know what kind of panel this is? IPS, TN, VA?

Who makes the panel and other components?

Any way to turn off the 5% over scan?

Any way to enable the USB port for media files?
uhlakanyil's Avatar uhlakanyil 09:04 PM 09-01-2014
I just purchased this tv since my dynex has been on its way out for months, got to the point that i had to keep the tv on 24/7 or i'd need to take a heat gun to the back of it to warm up all the electrical components (i even replaced capacitors which gave me an extra month), anywho onto this set.

The colour is amazing for such an affordable find, compared to my old dynex LED lit, its reds arent oversaturated out of the box and i dont need to tweak the settings yet as im not instantly annoyed by things.

However this sound quality... i had a DX-L40-10A dynex with excellent sound, this thing, same wattage, but the internal amp is horrible on this set! So i tried connecting some 2.1 speaker system i use for my mp3 player, that normally sounds fine, but the speakers hum, and on low volume you only hear the hum. So i tried going with an Analog RCA to headphone jack adapter, and the sound sound quality is still not that great with anything higher than low volume. So It looks like i'll be forced to go with a sound bar or amp speaker set up, so i was wondering the quality of the sound with a Coax Audio connection.
Super Eye's Avatar Super Eye 03:29 PM 09-02-2014
Yes, as I stated in my review the sound from the internal speakers is not so good.

I’m sorry I can’t comment on the sound via the coaxial digital audio output as I have this TV hooked up via the analog output to an older analog only audio receiver. I can tell you that I’m not getting any hum with my set-up in fact it sounds really good.

Hum is usually due to an impedance mismatch or bad cables. Hooking it up to an audio receiver should not introduce any hum. Self powered speakers and soundbars that are meant to hook up via analog RCA or digital coax should also be compatible with this TV.

Hope you report back and tell us how the TV sounds via the digital coax out.
Shep43's Avatar Shep43 08:10 PM 09-10-2014
Hey Super Eye,

Thanks for starting this thread and all the info you've provided thus far....I received my PLDED4016A yesterday ($267.00 +free shipping) and the info I can get from the "Service Menu" is....

Board Type: T.MS3393.PB851A
Build Time: 2014-04-21 21:25:49
Checksum: 0x30B7
Tuner: MXL601_Tuner
(2MB)MSD3393_73 (Bottom left corner of the service menu)

***DO NOT ENTER "Aging Mode"....I believe it’s some kind of "dead pixel" test as it scrolls through different color screens. Though it did confirm no dead pixels (thank goodness), I had no idea how to exit the mode even after unplugging the TV for 5 mins. it still defaulted back into that mode. I finally pressed the right side panel standby button, and after the 2nd press the TV turned back on and I entered the Service Mode again to select HDMI 1 to get my source signal picture back (Shaw Direct).

My only complaint thus far is watching "Seinfeld" last night and all the male characters had "lipstick on" and the outer edge of their ears was also red. The only thing is I can't remember if it was an HD or SD channel. My firmware version does not do the following.....SET UP > Video Curve > and change the “center value” (as per above).

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Super Eye's Avatar Super Eye 09:30 PM 09-10-2014
Hi Shep43
Thanks for your service menu info. Mine doesn’t show that. I think my firmware is different.

Here are pictures of my
Service Menu >


Video Curve >

and change the center (50) value.
All that does is tone down the colour and you get the same result if you turn down the colour in the normal user menu. But doing it here centers the user value were you like it. To actually change the white balance you need to go to "WB". I find my WB to be pretty good and I haven't touched that. (Be careful and write down the original settings first.)

I took those stills while on the PC VGA input with a black jpg so you can clearly see it.

I think I read at another forum a guy had the RCA version and his center value was in “Picture Setting menu” or something like that? Any way you could share a picture of your service menu?
Thanks for the "Aging Mode" warning. With my firmware its called

I did notice my normal menu stuff differs from the online menu. For instance with my normal user menu I have more noise reduction options (I leave them all off anyway) but I have less other options like labeling the inputs.

BTW - you got an excellent deal. $267 Canadian for a 40 inch with all the inputs and quality of this TV is a steal. I paid $280 walk in price for my TV and everyone I showed it to said I got a great deal (for Canada.)
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uhlakanyil's Avatar uhlakanyil 12:16 AM 09-11-2014
I will be picking up my sound bar on friday and definitely will report back. I didn't think to try different speaker on the analog output, i just assumed it was the tv causing the issue.

also to note, i do have the 46" version instead of the 40, but they are essentially the tv, i will use the service menu instructions to see which bios they come with
Randum Lee 07:00 PM 11-02-2014
I have an RCA version of this (RLDED4016A). I cannot get to service menu. Have tried Menu+1147 but I get nothing. Is there a place where I can definitively determine the access code / key combo for my TV?
Falco250 06:29 PM 12-12-2014
Hello, can anyone help me on how I might access the service menu for RCA RLDED4016A?
AK Mongo 07:57 PM 01-11-2015
I know this is an old thread, but wanted to see if anyone else is having problems with very snowy audio output from the coax and headphone jacks. I have the PLDED4016A-B model and it is a little different in setup. No rca audio outs for example. I am attempting to hook it through an older receiver with no HDMI inputs by routing the Apple TV, Xbox, Blu-Ray player into the tv with HDMI and then out through either of the outs. Problem is that both are incredibly filled with static, which makes it unusable. The built in speakers are clear, but terrible.

Anyone else having trouble with this issue? I knew it was a cheap set when I bought it, but this seems like a defect.

Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice.
Super Eye's Avatar Super Eye 05:35 PM 01-12-2015
As you said my TV is a bit different because my TV has RCA analog audio out as well.
That said I have no problem with the TV headphone output to an input of an analog receiver. I tried this with various sources feeding into the TV including the TV’s own analog tuner, a Motorola Cable box via HDMI, an up-converting DVD recorder via HDMI, a DVD player via component and movies streaming from a PC via VGA – all sources sound good when output via the TV headphone out to an analog audio receiver.

I can’t check the coax out because my old audio receiver in the room has no audio coax in. Did you try using different audio cables/adapters?

Again my TV headphone output to an analog receiver audio in is clear. If you can’t trace your problem to the cables or another component in the chain you really need to exchange your TV. At most you may experience a little hum due to an impedance miss-mach via a headphone out to a receiver’s line in but what you are describing sounds like something is malfunctioning and in that case if its the TV causing the problem you need to exchange your TV.
spang4 12:34 PM Today

How do I enter the Service mode? The post does not give instructions.
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