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vblyth's Avatar vblyth 11:38 AM 05-20-2006
Yesterday, I installed a cable card in my new LC-37D4U. Everything was working fine when I went to bed last night and shut off the TV. The TV was set in Standby Mode 1. At about 4 AM the TV came on by itself. Has anyone else seen this happen? I've had the TV for about 3 weeks and never had this problem. Appreciate any input on this mysterious event.
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pdp76's Avatar pdp76 04:27 PM 08-30-2006
Has anyone tried this setup with the LC37D5U or a similar TV? I have my XBOX360 connected via component (of course) and tried to do 1080i. The screen doesn't go completely blank, but it doesn't display the image correctly either. It only shows the upper left 1/4 of the screen like it's magnified, plus there are static bars all over. When I do 720p, everything looks great. Is there something wrong with my TV or is the xbox360 1080i signal not compatible with my TV somehow? I know it can display 1080i because I get some HD cable channels that are 1080i. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
AW999's Avatar AW999 11:50 AM 01-26-2007
has anyone seen/purchased the new LC-37D42U? any thoughts?
alaskaman1666's Avatar alaskaman1666 03:13 PM 01-26-2007

My LC-37D4U purchased March 9, 2006 started coming on by itself and locking up in October. Called 1-800-BE-SHARP. They shipped firmware upgrade to local factory auth service center. They loaded new software and problem was resolved. The whole process took two weeks from call to fix. But last week I lost sound and SHARP HQ in NJ has promised me a new tv.
Setzer's Avatar Setzer 03:40 PM 01-26-2007
Originally Posted by AW999 View Post

has anyone seen/purchased the new LC-37D42U? any thoughts?

I'm considering this set but haven't seen it anywhere in stores. It's got good specs but I'd prefer to see it in action before spending $1000.
brokentv's Avatar brokentv 05:05 PM 01-27-2007
Costco has the Sharp 37D42U at $1299.00
pdp76's Avatar pdp76 01:02 PM 02-05-2007
Originally Posted by alaskaman1666 View Post


My LC-37D4U purchased March 9, 2006 started coming on by itself and locking up in October. Called 1-800-BE-SHARP. They shipped firmware upgrade to local factory auth service center. They loaded new software and problem was resolved. The whole process took two weeks from call to fix. But last week I lost sound and SHARP HQ in NJ has promised me a new tv.

I have to add to this thread just to praise Sharps customer service. I sent my TV (LC-37D5U) in for repairs over a year ago to fix audio problem I had with INPUT2 (component inputs), the right audio channel wouldn't work with INPUT2. They promptly send a service guy over to pick up the TV and had it fixed in less than 2 weeks, shipped back to my door free of charge. I was very impressed with the service, although 2 weeks is a long time to live without my Aquos!

It's been over a year now and my warranty is out, but if you look a few posts back, I posted a 1080i input problem, I never had a 1080i source until recently so I never saw this problem. It happens to be on the same component input, INPUT2, so I was very confident that the repairs done on INPUT2 over a year ago has something to do with this. I explained this to Sharp's customer service, and even though my 1 year warranty is over, they made an exception for me and gave me free courtesy service for this repair! They are sending one of their authorized service centers to pick it up again. I couldn't be happier, kudos to Sharp!
desertdweller's Avatar desertdweller 07:11 PM 04-16-2007
Hello all. I am posting this question for my neighbor. I did a little bit of searching on this site and others, but cannot find the answer to the following question:

My neighbor has the LC-C3742U unit. She has Cox cable, but without any HD or digital service. She also has an OTA antenna that she wants to use to receive OTA HD broadcasts on the local stations. When she got the set, I helped set it up for her. The set has only one input for signals, a combined cable/ant coaxial plug. I got a switched splitter for her so she could plug the Cox cable and antenna cable into the splitter and then manually switch the signal source depending on what she wanted to watch. The only problem is that when we use the channel setup function in the TV's menu, it only seems to allow for receiving signals via cable or antenna, but not both. Thus, I can't get it to recognize both the cable channels and the OTA broadcasts she should be receiving. (I live next door and have only an OTA antenna, and receive all the local HD stations just fine.) Am I missing something in the setup? Right now, the only way to watch either the cable or the OTA is to switch the signal source and then run setup again, not a practical solution. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
pmbenn's Avatar pmbenn 03:07 PM 07-07-2007
This is one big honkin' thread and I could not dig up the answer I was seeking by searching or scanning posts.....

Currently, the 37DB5U is plugged into a progressive scan Panasonic via component and works fine. I need to buy a new DVD player that has HDMI to use temporarily with a new TV. After a short time, I will move the player over to the Sharp.

My question is what should I look for in a DVD player that will ultimatly be used with the Sharp? Is there any particular brand or model that might produce the best pictre quality when used with the Sharp?

Thanks for any replies.
Geo05's Avatar Geo05 10:12 AM 09-11-2007
Just would like to confirm that my LC37D5U works fine on 1080i via component inputs...
(In response to earlier querry by pdp76...)
pdp76's Avatar pdp76 11:48 AM 09-11-2007
Originally Posted by Geo05 View Post

Just would like to confirm that my LC37D5U works fine on 1080i via component inputs...
(In response to earlier querry by pdp76...)

Wow, thread back from the dead Thanks for the reply. But I've long since fixed it. Sharp said it was a "firmware" problem and just reflashed the firmware on my TV. Funny thing was that the problem was only on INPUT2, INPUT1 worked fine with 1080i. I guess each input has its own firmware or something? But thanks for the reply anyway!
naplesvacation's Avatar naplesvacation 10:47 PM 10-05-2007
I own a LC37D5U and two DHG-HDD500 DVR's all use TVGOS. The DVRs work perfect on TVGOS - never miss a download. The Sharp has never worked for a download. Does the TVGOS on the sharp even work at all? The setting are the same and all three share a cable feed on my antenna.

Any one get a LC37D5U working with OTA TVGOS?

I am in Daytona and use a very large UHF anttena for HDTV from Orlando.
Geo05's Avatar Geo05 03:38 PM 11-27-2007
"Any one get a LC37D5U working with OTA TVGOS?"

In response to this naplesvactaion 10-06-'07 querry, yes my LC37D5U does fine with TVGOS after I installed an OTA. It was not working previously (cable). Apparently, it requires a certain broadcast from PBS. Being close to NYC I get several PBS stations...

ps. apologies for the delayed response, but I am not one of those AVS addicts...
geotlyrae's Avatar geotlyrae 04:20 PM 12-05-2007
Just bought it today from Brandsmart. Cannot find this model anywhere, even the guys at Sharp couldn't help. (They're calling me back). The tv looks good, and is a 1080p. The only thing I found is that it could be a possible match to the lc-37gp1u from another forum. Not sure if that's true. They said is a Brandsmart number. Anyone has this model??
briguynyc's Avatar briguynyc 08:51 PM 02-15-2008
This might be a crazy question but maybe someone out there can help me. We recently moved and have a Sharp LC37GB5U. After we unpacked we cannot find the 4 screws to attach the stand to the TV. Anyone have any idea what kind of screws we would need to go buy to replace the missing ones?
briguynyc's Avatar briguynyc 10:54 AM 02-17-2008
We were able to get the answer. We used an M5 / 16mm hex screw and that worked fine. Just in case anyone else needs to know. Make sure you have a metric hex wrench.
audiophreak's Avatar audiophreak 09:28 PM 04-13-2008
does any body know if its possible to isf calibrate a sharp lc37d6u? Thanks
Tom_Edmund's Avatar Tom_Edmund 07:02 PM 04-14-2008
I'm having a problem that I hope someone might know about. I have a Sharp LC-37D7U that is almost 3 years old. The screen display notification pops up at random times, primarily when using the DVI input which I use with my PC, but it also happens with my Xbox 360 component cables input - I am fairly sure it is the TV because of this. It never seems to happen when I watch TV with my antenna connection. I can hit the Display button on the remote to make it go away, but then a couple of seconds later it will pop up again. I can't find any trigger for it. Some days it happens a lot, then for a while it won't happen and it has pretty much been happening for at least 2 of the 3 years I've had the TV. In the last week though it has really picked up frequency and it is very annoying.

You can view a video of the problem on YouTube:

I'm hoping there some kind of setting I can switch off in the factory menu or a firmware upgrade to make this stop, it is very distracting.

Edit: I searched back through the thread and saw people talking about this in late 2005 on pages 15-16 but no real solution ever came up.
Cactuscajun's Avatar Cactuscajun 12:42 PM 06-10-2008
I have a LC-37D6U with the exact same problem as Tom_Edmund. It is very intermittent and I can not find the trigger either. It happens on all of the component inputs as well as the analog cable input. It does not happen on the OTA input. Sometimes, the problem will disappear if I switch to an OTA channel for a few minutes and then back to the Component input that I was watching. Ii is a very annoying problem.

UPDATE: I have found a way to trigger this problem (and to avoid it!). If I have the TV tuned to a marginal OTA channel (one that occasionally breaks up) and then select any of the other inputs - the screen display notification pops up intermittently on the non-OTA input screen. When I select a strong OTA channel I no longer get the screen display notification on any of the other selected inputs. It appears that every time the TV regains the signal from the marginal OTA channel it displays the screen notification. The TV is not smart enough to recognize which is the currently active input source and only display the screen notification if you are watching the OTA channel it has just tuned in. Hope this helps.
Tom_Edmund's Avatar Tom_Edmund 11:51 PM 06-16-2008
Interesting theory. It being an intermittent problem, it will take some time to see if it is the definitive answer. But so far tonight when I had the antenna plugged in, the display popped up a few times, and when I didn't have it plugged in, the display didn't pop up. But then for some reason the signal I was getting on the antenna was stronger than I've seen it lately and my efforts to mess with it didn't do much strangely enough. And the display was popping up a lot less frequently than it does at it's worst. So I'll just leave the antenna unplugged, not watch OTA channels, and see what happens.

It's so nice to actually have something else to try, thanks for the response, hope it's the final answer.
SnellKrell's Avatar SnellKrell 05:05 AM 06-17-2008
Over the years, many owners of Sharp LCDs and other brands made by Sharp, including an HP set I once owned, have experienced this very annoying problem.

It has been traced back to weak signals being input to the tuner. Disconnecting the signal or making sure that you're always tuned to a strong station appears to take care of the problem.
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