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damienknight's Avatar damienknight 05:27 PM 11-29-2006
I have a 337H and love it, one problem though and i'm not sure if there's any way around it but thought i'd ask. I have a Comcast HD cable box connected to the TV via HDMI, and when I turn the Comcast box on before the TV is on, all i get is either static or a green screen. I have to turn the cable box off and back on to get it to show the correct picture. Anyone know a way around this or anyone have this problem?

jchinca's Avatar jchinca 02:44 PM 11-30-2006
I don't have my 337H yet (it's on backorder right now) but I had a similar problem to the one you described on my pio plasma. I did not have to turn the cable box off but I did have to switch channels from an HD channel to an SD channel or vice versa. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the comcast box because I have since swithed from comcast to Verizon Fios and I no longer have the problem. Hope that helps!
Ima90sJezus's Avatar Ima90sJezus 02:56 PM 11-30-2006
I have a friend that went and picked this unit up at Microcenter on Black Friday. He didn't really need it, but bought it anyway. I think I have convinced him to sell it to me, for the price that he got it for. Hopefully this will be sitting at home soon.
mike208's Avatar mike208 03:39 PM 11-30-2006
I am having an issue with my 337h, when I have audio connected to the composite left and right, there is a low hum. I posted in another thread(the wrong one, oops) but some of the people said it could be a grounding issue. Any ideas how to fix this?
svetter's Avatar svetter 06:07 PM 11-30-2006
This isn't a problem with the Olevia, it's a problem with the Comcast DVR. I have 2 Comcast DVR's (both Moto, similar models) with two different TV's and I have the same problem on both. It's driving me nuts. This seems to have happened after an update Comcast pushed out, as it started to do this right after I noticed a difference in the DVR software.
KMacBlue's Avatar KMacBlue 12:35 AM 12-01-2006
go to factory setting under the setup menu and reset the factory settings a few times, you could also try turning down the bass, or unplugging it to let it sit for a while and plug it back in later.

Everytime you turn the tv off or swich sources/inputs, you must first have your TV turned on, and power off the cable box and then power it back on, otherwise it will not recognize the HDCP handshake - from a comcast rep. They are working on a fix for this.
pdadi's Avatar pdadi 01:47 AM 12-01-2006
Excellent. Been looking for this thread. Got 337H from MC on BF. Ordered Dish HD package. Vip 211 dish receiver didn't come with HDMI cable. Tech used component cable. No complaints regarding picture. THere is little bit of pixalation on some channels. Called dish rep regarding HDMI cable and he told they stopped providing that due to some software issues with vip 211 with HDMI. He advised me not to use HDMI until a fix is available:-).

Dish cheated me on this and never told me about this when I placed the order.

What is the best setting for picture->mode->input I set it to user and brightness. Its about 50% right now . Thanks
Ima90sJezus's Avatar Ima90sJezus 08:01 AM 12-01-2006
I got the set in my truck waiting to take it home today - will post more about it over the weekend.... I couldn't beat the price, eventually this will go to the bedroom and I will get a true 1080p for the HT.
mike208's Avatar mike208 11:04 AM 12-02-2006
Any issues with any of the inputs on this tv? I am planning on hooking an HTPC up to it and haven't decided if I should use DVI to HDMI or just go straight VGA.
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