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kirkblitz's Avatar kirkblitz 12:02 PM 12-11-2006
Hello AVS people, currently in my game room ive got a 32 inch westinghouse lcd tv and i just feel its to small, im sitting about 6 feet away i recently purchased a ps3 and im wondering if i upgrade to a 37inch 1080p tv will i see a difference between a 1080p 37" set and a non 1080p set. Im looking at the lvm37 westinghouse tv for a 1080p set because i can get it with a coupon for about 750 in store.Thanks :)

David Hwang's Avatar David Hwang 08:12 PM 12-11-2006
I am sure a 37" 1080p LCD will look better. You need to ask yourself whether it is worth the money. A warning, when you get a 37" LCD, you'll want a 46" or bigger one. Good luck!
JoeProcopio's Avatar JoeProcopio 05:52 AM 12-12-2006
37" is too small to see a benefit of your money and get a 1366x768 screen if you want a 37". 1080P sets will be a dime a dozen in a few years, and you should see even Sonys in the 40" range under a grand! if you can wait, wait...
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