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01-21-2007 | Posts: 41
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Ok - my first question is in the LCD tv battle. The Sharp Aquos seems to be a nice 52" LCD at a good price. The other two LCD's that are of interest are the 52" Samsung and the 52" Sony XBR2/3. All of the sales people at every store talk about how much better the Sony is. At one home theater store, the salesman completely discredited the Aquos. So what are your thoughts on the Sony vs Samsung vs Sharp 52" 1080p LCDs?

My second question (I can start a 2nd thread if you think that's a good idea):
The alternative to the LCDs is a plasma. If I go plasma I can go bigger - 55-60 inches. I will be sitting 12 feet away from the TV. I wonder if a 52" LCD will be big enough? I LOVE the picture on the plasmas, but I have two potential problems. Plasmas (affordable ones) don't come in 1080p. Does this matter at 12 feet? Also, I have a window that would shine from across the room directly onto the TV. It annoys me occasionally on my CRT. Then again, I could always get blackout curtains too.

Any thoughts on the matter? Thanks in advance!
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01-21-2007 | Posts: 822
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If you find the set you want and you got a measuring tape, then do your homework. Start measuring the size you want for the room you want it in. These sets look better if you're 12 feet away. I am 13.5 feet away and it sure looks good.

Right now I am look at 70" Pro-HD for the Living Room, price is a bit high, but sure fit in the space I already have. Might have to get those 1,500 BOSE speakers.
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01-21-2007 | Posts: 41
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It's on a wide open wall, so the physical dimensions of the TV don't really matter. What does matter is my wallet. I originally was looking to keep the TV as close to $3K as possible. I might be willing to expand my budget to maybe $5000 but that's really pushing it.
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01-21-2007 | Posts: 41
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bump.. I could really use some advice. Anybody have opinions on my questions?
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01-25-2007 | Posts: 538
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I was in a CC recently with the samsung, sony, and sharp side-by-side. Just on colors,
the Samsung would be my choice. My point is, what looks best to you? I'd suggest
comparing features, remote controls, cabinet, warranty, and what you plan to watch
on the TV. There are reports of "banding" on some sharp LCDs, and cloudiness or "mura"
on samsung and sony's. There are a lost of threads on those issues. For me, I'd like some
time between people reporting quality issues and throwing some serious cash on
a specific large LCD TV. There are some people in serious turmoil with sets they are not happy
with. Others swear by their sharp, samsung, or sony.

How convenient would it be to have to pull the curtains closed to watch tv? I guess
it depends when you watch most and what you watch. I have an LCD in an extremely
bright room with white walls and it's great. If movies at night are your main deal, then
perhaps plasma's your best bet.
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