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fox1541's Avatar fox1541 09:00 AM 03-09-2011
Originally Posted by CYFan7 View Post

Does anyone know what is causing the vertical colored lines on my LN-T4661? Started with one on the left hand side of the display and is now up to four. They tend to go away after the set warms up for 20-30 mins. Is it Tab Bond related on the display?

I had a service rep come out and check my set (i had the extended warranty)
I have the long turn on (caps issue) which he confirmed.
I also have the vertical lines as well a dark splotch on the right side of the screen. He said the lines and the splotch are due to the panel going bad.

The lines go away, but the splotch stays the entire time.

Not sure what you mean by Tab Bond related.
I found the following which shows a video.. the video looks like nothing I have, but from other descriptions of the tab bonding, it could be related.

scout101's Avatar scout101 05:09 PM 03-10-2011
Just called up and explained the long power on problem, and was given authorization for a one-time free service call, no hassle at all. LN-T4661, 3/2007 model. Hopefully that all works out, but Samsung is no longer fighting it, anyway...
SirDracula's Avatar SirDracula 05:09 PM 03-16-2011
How do you get the "PC Mode" and "HTPC" options enabled in the menu? I have the LN-T4665F and I tried my computer hooked up via a receiver and also via HDMI directly to the monitor and the menus do not get enabled. Are they only for a VGA connection? Or do I need to use a specific HDMI input or do something else to see these menus? Anyway, anything good in those menus?

Another question: should the TV be set for "Just Scan" or "16:9" when hooked up to the computer? I'd like to have the computer going through the receiver so I can get the sound from the receiver (in particular DTS-HD) together with other sources and let the receiver do the HDMI switching, but the problem is some of the sources (the cable box) do not look right with "Just Scan", they need 16:9 mode. Any solutions to this?

And finally, is there a discrete code for "Just Scan" for a Logitech Harmony remote? I found the codes for 16:9 and 4:3 but not for "Just Scan".

Thanks for your help.
mythrenegade's Avatar mythrenegade 08:19 AM 03-17-2011
You need just scan which displays, dot for dot, all of the pixels your computer is displaying. 16x9 will cut off the edges.

With sources that don't look right in just scan you need to turn off "overscan" in menus on those sources. Overscan is from the days of tube tv's and is unnecessary now. It is also lower quality than just scan because a 1920x1080 source is no longer being mapped directly to your 1920x1080 panel...

fox1541's Avatar fox1541 12:33 PM 03-20-2011
I did this last night and it was a piece of cake.
My board was a different than the one that seems to be mentioned the most in this post.

I had 2 failed capacitors ---2200 microfarad 10 V capacitors tolerant up to 105 degrees Celsius.

I also have pink vertical lines which seem to be related to the tab bond.. Anyone know how to fix it or at least minimize the effects?
unkind's Avatar unkind 07:29 PM 04-05-2011
The links to the firmware in this thread no longer work. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I have Samsung LNT4061F with version 1007 firmware.

Either that or can someone help me out with restoring the capabilites of my digital tuner. It no longer picks up any OTA channels with an amplified antenna... when it was working hours before.

I regretfully found the stupid service menu code and pressed RESET... I am hoping flashing a new firmware will fix all of my problems.

MMMH2O's Avatar MMMH2O 08:37 PM 04-05-2011
I did the reset too. Go back to a post I made earlier to see what to do to reset the entries.
LiquidKernel's Avatar LiquidKernel 09:44 PM 04-05-2011
Hello everyone.

I have an interesting and unique issue with an LN-T4661F LCD. The screen colors are distorted in horizontal (not vertical) lines. The interesting thing is that as the image on the screen changes (for instance, scrolling through the settings menu), the position of the distorted colors changes. The colors do not change if the TV sits there showing the same thing, and it won't get better after a longer period of time (which I have seen online with the TAB bond separating).

This problem manifest itself at the same time as the failing PSU capacitors, which have since been replaced. I am guessing that it's either the main board or the T-CON board. I am worried it may be the TAB bond, but I am not sure. I tested the voltages of the PSU outputs and they are all within a few hundredths of the values listed on the PSU silk screen, so I am guessing the PSU is working fine now.

Has anyone encountered such an issue before? If it's the panel or TABs, then I guess I am SOL.

billfan's Avatar billfan 09:56 PM 04-09-2011
I have a LN5265f that I bought about 3 years ago. I recently started to get dark blotches, especially in the bottom right part of the screen. I replaced the capacitors on the power board about a year ago, after having the power on problem.
danav's Avatar danav 10:44 PM 04-15-2011
I have these now, on the left of any sharp white object, including the pause sign from my dvd player. same issue over all 3 hdmi ports. they are all over the screen and make the image really unwatchable.

any ideas?
MrEastSide's Avatar MrEastSide 04:56 PM 05-07-2011
My extended warranty company just paid me out for my unfixable 4661. It had black lines that would randomly appear horizontally across the top 1/3 of the screen. Sometimes it would be fine and then they'd randomly go nuts. The TV also started developing dark water marks on the right side of the screen, stain-like. The tech said the stains were due to a bad panel, something from the panel separating inside and causing the staining/shadow effect.

The tech did examine all the boards, fuses and capacitors for the horizontal line problem and all of the insides of the TV looked fine, from what he could tell, nothing was charred or blown. He also noted that the inside of the TV was extremely hot! While it's obvious for electronics to run warm, he couldn't touch any of the inside metal or plastic for more than a few seconds without it feeling like it was burning his hand.

Aside from the warranty company not wanting to replace the whole panel, due to cost, they couldn't find any replacement parts at all for the model anyway. So they gave me $805 dollars for the set, which they deemed was the fair market value for a comparable 46" model. I paid $1500 for the TV in 2008, so it stings a little, but I can go buy a decent 46" with $800 bucks so I'm happy. I just thought I'd post this for the sake of info for anyone else.
fox1541's Avatar fox1541 05:24 PM 05-07-2011
Originally Posted by MrEastSide View Post

Aside from the warranty company not wanting to replace the whole panel, due to cost, they couldn't find any replacement parts at all for the model anyway. So they gave me $805 dollars for the set, which they deemed was the fair market value for a comparable 46" model. I paid $1500 for the TV in 2008, so it stings a little, but I can go buy a decent 46" with $800 bucks so I'm happy. I just thought I'd post this for the sake of info for anyone else.

My set had the capacitor issue, pink vertical lines on the left and the grey splotch on the right.

i also had an extended warranty and they offered the current comparable model Samsung 46" or 680 credit at a local retailer.

I took the credit and upgraded to a 55" LG passive 3d :-)
They also let me keep the 46" so I replaced the capacitors for about $10 and will live with the pink vertical lines and splotch.

The lines are a bit of nuisance but the splotch is only noticeable on bright scenes and I have to point it out for people to really notice it.
I put it in our bedroom to replace our 32" CRT monster.
Samhar's Avatar Samhar 10:35 PM 05-11-2011
What a wonderful forum with helpful folks. Maybe someone here has advice that can help me since I seem to have issues with my Samsung LN-T4065FX/XAA which I haven't seen described here.

I have a Samsung LN-T4065F LCD TV I bought in September 2007 (Made in August 2007). I don't watch a lot of TV so it has not been used much. But in late April 2011, when I switched from a Blu-Ray DVD player to my cable box, this happened for the first time: the image on the screen started flashing like a strobe light. Changing sources did not change the strobe like flashing. I turned it off and started it again but it continued to flash/blink like a strobe. You can hear the sound, you can see the image except it is flashing on and off. And it does this for all sources - so it is not the cable box alone that is the problem. When you put it off and start it again after an extended time, maybe a few hours or overnight, it seems to disappear.

The image also seems to be pixellating on some channels and sometimes other artifacts such as streaks and lines show up on the screen. And the picture does seem to have become blurrier (or am I imagining this?)

So far I don't seem to have the clicking sound but I have noticed the blinking red light (seems to be twice).

Have others here had this problem? Is this the Samsung capacitor problem again? Or is it something to do with the Inverter board? But since it seems to lose the problem on shut down and start-up, I wonder if it's the capacitor discharging that is solving the problem.

I am planning to call Samsung soon but thought it might be better to get your advice here first to see if this is covered by the Samsung one-time warranty. Is August 2007 manufacture covered?

I thought I would wait to open up the set after hearing from you folks and then calling Samsung to see if it is covered.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

SandLE's Avatar SandLE 04:20 PM 05-12-2011
I have a LNT4661 bought in September of 2007 that started having the clicking with slow turn on. I placed a request for service thru the Samasung website last Saturday. On Monday the local service center for the St Louis area called and scheduled a free in home visit for today. They just replaced the power board that had 4 bulging capacitors. Problem solved at no cost to me.
BADTV's Avatar BADTV 02:41 PM 05-16-2011
I have had nothing but trouble with this tv first pixels died on the screen so they replaced the screen. Then the power on problem that they fixed, now I get a couple of horizontal lines and it has started ghosting on the left hand side of the screen. I contacted Samsung and its now out of warranty the tech they sent says that the problem is the LCD screen is going again, I would like to know if there is any other solutions to this problem?
yolo's Avatar yolo 03:36 PM 05-17-2011
I had the slow power on too on my 2007 4661F. Called Samsung Friday and a tech came today (Tuesday) and replaced 3 bad caps. Turned on instantly after he replaced the 3 caps. All free of charge. Mine was way out of the factory warranty but they still fixed it. Never had any other problems with the tv. Needles to say, I am very satisfied.
rwpritchett's Avatar rwpritchett 05:20 PM 05-17-2011
I wonder why they were such d!cks to me. When my caps went bad (in May '10) Samsung told me that they would only cover TV's manufactured up to Feb '07. My TV was purchased in Aug '07 with a manufacturing date of Jul '07 and of course was out of warranty.

Total A-holes about it. Makes me want to go after them for my $200 to fix the caps.
MrEastSide's Avatar MrEastSide 10:43 PM 05-17-2011
I have to say, I think this line of TV's have more problems then any other line from any other manufacturer out there. I'm so sorry that I bought one. LOL!
gdirwin's Avatar gdirwin 06:06 PM 05-20-2011
My son threw a toy through my panel (LN-T4665) - I have not taken it apart yet, but the panel is defintely shot.

Are there different panel part #'s? Any compatability problems with different models/serial #'s?

If anyone can provide a history with panel part #'s, that would be much appreciated...
Nogami's Avatar Nogami 07:22 PM 05-25-2011
Just adding my experience on here - my 4661 (2007) just started suffering from the thin purple lines on startup last month. Decided to have a look, and sure enough, there are 3 1000uF x 10v caps bulging on the board, the same as everyone else (it was still turning on fine though, and not clicking).

Luckily I had a few matching spares from another cap-swap I did in a power supply a few months ago. Replaced the 10V with 16V and left the 25Vs alone (they appeared to be in good condition). Total time was about 20 min including opening the TV and putting it back together. Component price, about $2.

Success, no more purple lines!

neteng101's Avatar neteng101 07:05 PM 05-29-2011
Originally Posted by Ricsim78 View Post

After messing with my TV for 2 years, these settings make it look like I got a TV upgrade! Change the service menu to match mine first, then try these.

Amazing - I was almost ready to toss my set out due to the color and this has totally changed the whole look. The factory settings are atrocious... and they expect people to have to go into the service menu to get things right? No wonder I was never able to get it looking right all these years!
kcrossley2's Avatar kcrossley2 07:11 AM 06-09-2011
I have an LNT4661FX that I purchased in 2007. Recently, I switched from DirecTV HDMI to a Clearstream4 HD OTA. So far, I've been fairly pleased with the new OTA setup, with one frustrating caveat. For some reason, my LNT4661FX has a lot more difficulty picking up channels, than my three other 32" Samsung TVs. In fact, I recall that, even with DirecTV, this particular TV always had more difficulty with reception.

Do you think this is a firmware issue? I chatted with Samsung support this morning and they said there were no firmware upgrades for my set and were basically unhelpful in trying to determine the source of the problem.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
TinyRK's Avatar TinyRK 07:22 AM 06-09-2011
Your 4661 had difficulty with the reception of DirecTV?
That doesn't make sense, since your DirecTV-Receiver is responsible for reception.
kcrossley2's Avatar kcrossley2 07:28 AM 06-09-2011
Originally Posted by TinyRK View Post
Your 4661 had difficulty with the reception of DirecTV?
That doesn't make sense, since your DirecTV-Receiver is responsible for reception.
I know. It doesn't to me either. But the fact is my other sets had better, less pixelated, reception than my 46". Maybe it's all in my head. :-)

Anyway, now that I've changed the source to OTA, my other Samsung TVs definitely have better, less pixelated, reception. The LNA on all sets is set to ON and I've checked the cabling and COAX adapters and everything seems to be fine. This set did have its logic board replaced shortly after I purchased it and this is the first time we've ever used OTA as a source, so maybe it was never working right.
tdr170's Avatar tdr170 11:08 PM 06-22-2011

Found this forum after searching for a answer to this question.
I am sure it has been asked here before but with so many pages - well you know.
Anyway I have a 4661f with the optical cable hooked up to my Sony reciever and no matter what input I use I can only get pcm output.
I even tried turning on HDMI audio from my DVD and still just pcm.
Has anyone had any luck getting dolby from the optical out.
I have read that it works with cable hdmi hookup but my box does not have an hdmi output.
If I connect the digital coax from the box to the reciever I get Dolby 2.0 but not from the tv.
The next prob is that with this hookup on non digital channel I get no sound at all.
Any help is much appreciated:-)
mythrenegade's Avatar mythrenegade 11:51 PM 06-22-2011
This TV will NOT do anything but 2.0 from the optical jack. The manual says it will but it does not. I called Samsung on it in 2007 and was told that the HDMI spec forbids anything else and there was nothing they could do...

tdr170's Avatar tdr170 09:09 AM 06-23-2011
Makes you wonder what the point was in adding an optical out when you can get the same basic sound from a quality pair of stereo rca cords.
Thanks for the reply.
mythrenegade's Avatar mythrenegade 10:08 PM 06-23-2011
Indeed. I was quite upset at the time. It would be a far easier arrangement to route all sound through the tv. Once again drm obsessed execs make their products far less useful for paying customers. Joy.

fox1541's Avatar fox1541 05:51 AM 06-24-2011
I am now getting this same thing.. it sometimes goes away after a few minutes, but it seems to be hanging around longer.

I replaced the caps when I had the slow turn on and clicking issues but I haven't seen too many responses about this vertical darkness issue

It this finally the end of this set


Originally Posted by Bellwether View Post

I've been seeing this exact problem now for about a week. It's taking about 20 minutes or so to settle down, but the TV is almost unwatchable until then. Anyone know if this is related to the capacitor issue? I'm pretty irritated as the TV is just (6 months) out of warranty -- it almost feels like planned obsolescence. Do we have any recourse with Samsung?

404Ender's Avatar 404Ender 04:57 PM 06-26-2011
The plastic "neck" (the part between the flat rectangular stand and the TV itself) of my 4065F has become warped so the TV tilts a little to the left. Upon examination, it's clearly an elliptical shape instead of circular like it should be. Is this something I could get a replacement part for and fix myself, or should I take it somewhere? What's the best way to fix it?
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